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Transdermal Magnesium
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Kyosha Nim
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I can't use mag oil. I get UTI's from it for some reason. I guess it dehydrates me. I drink a lot of water too. My sister doesn't have that problem.  I just take 325mg a day orally with my minerals.

I'm really curious about this... I've goggled the heck out of the subject "UTIs and magnesium oil"..trying to understand why/how magnesium oil would irritate the bladder/urinary tract if it's
just sprayed on your skin....but oral magnesium which has to be digested, doesn't do this to
you.  What form of oral magnesium are you taking? ...I'm not doubting your cause and effect....just can't understand the association between something that is the equivalent of concentrated sea water being used topically and then getting a UTI.  Magnesium is an alkaline mineral... Is it that the urinary tract requires acidity?  Is this why cranberry juice which is acidic is helpful for a UTI?  I just can't find any information on this association.  Do you take magnesium
citrate? Perhaps that's buffering the high alkalinity of magnesium oil...Still perplexed.. but not done researching...

PS....I just found this online...I think magnesium oil might make you too alkaline and that might be why
it gives you a UTI.

"If the pH is more than 7.0, then we have a high pH, which tends to make us susceptible to urinary tract infection. The lactobacilli existing in our urinary system weakens and can be overwhelmed by the invading bad bacteria."

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BTD Forums    Diet and Nutrition    Supp Right For Your Type  ›  Transdermal Magnesium

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