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BTD Forums    Diet and Nutrition    Supp Right For Your Type  ›  Betaine HCL or Digestive Enzyme?
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Betaine HCL or Digestive Enzyme?  This thread currently has 16,039 views. Print Print Thread
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Wednesday, June 17, 2009, 6:36pm Report to Moderator Report to Moderator

Sam Dan
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Any O's on Betaine Hcl or digestive enzymes ? Please reply as I would like to know what symptoms led them to hcl.  I have tried them but not sure if it is causing me pain when my stomach empties.  I do not experience any pain or burning when I take during day.  Happens around 4am, so now not taking anything but bromelain w/ meals to see if it was hcl/D/E.  Oh, & I started w/ just 1 hcl & 1 D/E & was going to work up to more hcl but stopped for now.  Any experiences from O's in this matter will be greatly appreciated as where I live there is no Drs that test stomach acid levels.
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Friday, June 19, 2009, 6:53pm Report to Moderator Report to Moderator

Sam Dan
Posts: 1,002
Gender: Female
Quoted from italybound

wow, nightshades causing inflammation huh? actually I think if I were to go to GTD or one of the Health Series books, most of the nightshades would go to black dots or infrequent neutrals, at least, so that kind of makes sense
my thyroid med is .088 mg per day.  and yes, I read in the thyroid book that people w/ thyroid issues, should not be taking thyroid med, but addressing the adrenals. My adrenals were almost in the failure stage. I'm guessing at this point, they're not much better. I make sure I sleep until 8AM every day, well, except on days where I cant sleep for some reason, like today.     I have a LONG way to go, but I'm doing lots of reading and I think eventually, I'll find someone who can and will help me. Thought I'd found that someone a few months ago, but sadly no.              Hope you find some relief soon. If you're interested, I'll post the info on the book about iodine. I think it really factors in to my issues and from the sound of it, many other issues.

Hi Italy,
I have been battling problems w/ sleep & digestion for a LONG time.  I am really having a difficult time esp since I cannot find a Dr that really can help me.  They keep trying to get me to take prilosec & I absolutely refuse to suppress my stomach acid.  Took many tests for my thyroid, upper GI scope, colonoscopy, cortisol levels & the list goes on.  I just want to stop the 4 am heartburn & be able to sleep through the night, it's been almost 2 years.  I am wondering if you have similar problems and really would like to talk about stuff w/ someone who may have gone through the same type of thing.  I think menopause is also playing a part in this whole nightmare.  

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kauaian  -  Friday, June 19, 2009, 7:06pm
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BTD Forums    Diet and Nutrition    Supp Right For Your Type  ›  Betaine HCL or Digestive Enzyme?

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