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Asthma and easy cure.. stop Avoids
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Tuesday, May 1, 2012, 7:42am Report to Moderator Report to Moderator

All Gatherer -72 Scorp/Sag on BTD/GENO 17 year
Sam Dan
Posts: 6,199
Gender: Female
Location: East Coast
It is incredible how accurate some issues are in their reflection on what one has eaten!

I was talking to someone who does not like vegetables and is overweight by way to much and is suffering amongst all other discomforts, asthma and indigestion.  Never mind the specter of syndrome X as that whole family is getting older - being overweight.  

Lately, I was off to eating some avoids, by comparison to the standard American diet, it would not be much in terms of some grains and dairy, but for on O on BTD, every bit of on avoid is to much.  After a few days of being inconsiderate of my own health, I started to cough, and wheeze, and generally feel stuffy.  A good reminder of how bad I could be feeling all year round if I had not learned of BTD and most often follow Swami's advise.

At least I can recognize the symptoms as those of my own doing.  Having eaten the foods I usually don't have near me, much less INSIDE of me, has made me ill in just a few days.  In a small way, but still as a sure sign reminder of just how fast my health can deteriorate.  At least I know that I am doing it to myself. All I need to do is change back and be compliant- no need to see a doctor for some pills for this or that. No need to see a pharmacist, wondering what to take for the finger and knee joints that are hurting or the throat burning.  

But the biggest surprise is the asthma.. Here I was talking about it and promptly created the environment within to get it myself.  No lamenting here, just grateful that BTD has shown me the way to perfect health over the years and time when I am compliant.    
and on the news they are making a fuss about diabetes ll in kids.. If only the news would include BTD learning as one place people could start with - creating health with better food choices, and not just more and more pills to MANAGE old age illnesses in young people.

No replay needed here - I know what I need to do.  

By the way this is what I ate at the movies..  Popcorn and choclate covered almonds.

Being here is invaluable, but not enough. We need ALL the Doctors. I needed them for a very small cancer spot-I could never feel!!! Please do your mammograms! Doing so saved me from cancer later on. I am grateful! Thanks for learning from my experience! I was lucky! I wish the same for YOU!

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Tuesday, May 1, 2012, 3:43pm Report to Moderator Report to Moderator

GT1; L (a-b-); (se); PROP-T; NN
Sa Bon Nim
Admin & Columnist
Posts: 53,610
Gender: Female
Location: ''eternal spring'' Cuernavaca - Mex.
Age: 61
live and learn

taking responsibility of the choices you make is undoubtedly a first giant step forward!

''Just follow the book, don't look for magic fixes to get you off the hook. Do the work.'' Dr.D.'98
DNA mt/Haplo H; Y-chrom/J2(M172);ESTJ
The harder you are on yourself, the easier life will be on you!
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Tuesday, May 1, 2012, 5:05pm Report to Moderator Report to Moderator

Autumn: Harvest, success.
Posts: 222
Gender: Female
Location: New Jersey
Goldie, i also noticed a huge difference in my asthma since being on the BTD/GTD. corn seems to be my trigger. If i eat anything with corn (not fresh, but cornmeal etc) then within 30 mins i feel like someone is sitting on my chest. I haven't noticed it with fresh corn on the cob though..i am off the steroid that i was on and rarely need my rescue inhaler.
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Amazone I.
Monday, May 7, 2012, 7:29pm Report to Moderator Report to Moderator

Rh+ GT 4...E/..INTJ ....prop.=non-taster..
Kyosha Nim
Columnists and Bloggers
Posts: 17,474
Gender: Female
Location: CH-Benglen Kanton Zurich
Age: 60
and give a try to damiana....

MIfHI K-174
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BTD Forums    Lifestyle    Nonnie Clubhouse  ›  Asthma and easy cure.. stop Avoids

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