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What Kind of Cookware is Best and Economical?
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Kyosha Nim
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Quoted from cindyt
Is there any kind of tea kettle that will allow me to boil the water in it,  then make the tea in it, remove the tea leaves, and then put it back on the (electric) burner on low to keep it warm for several hours?  I used to do this with the Corning Ware teapots, but they stopped making them.  I hate having to reheat the tea in the microwave.

A 100% stainless steel tea pot?  Or, a glass pot with a lid?

We use a tempered glass pot with a lid to boil our water on the stove, but we don't keep a pot around all day.  We just make tea in the morning.

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BTD Forums    Lifestyle    Cook Right 4 Your Type  ›  What Kind of Cookware is Best and Economical?

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