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BTD Forums    Diet and Nutrition    The GenoType Diet  ›  Can you be a Nomad with type A blood?
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Can you be a Nomad with type A blood?
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Thursday, April 17, 2014, 12:06am Report to Moderator Report to Moderator

34% Teacher
Autumn: Harvest, success.
Posts: 256
Gender: Female
Location: Near San Francisco
Age: 70
The world of SWAMI is so awesome. So many more food choices--along with the geno-harmonics it really rocks.  Now I just need to convince my B nonnie son to take the SWAMI plunge. Why he resists I do not know. SWAMI opens us up to the dietary road to health like no other.
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Monday, October 26, 2015, 10:49pm Report to Moderator Report to Moderator

Winter: Hidden potential.
Posts: 7
If you want to know more about chimerism, there is a story on about a man who found out that he is a chimera when his baby had the wrong blood type.
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Tuesday, October 27, 2015, 11:19am Report to Moderator Report to Moderator

Swami Warrior
Kyosha Nim
Posts: 1,824
Gender: Male
Location: Maryland

Quoted Text
Reports of chimera are rare, but experts believe the actual condition is fairly common. According to one study, about one in every eight single births started as a multiple set at conception. One twin often dies early on in the pregnancy. In some cases, the remains of this twin get absorbed into the remaining sibling during a process called vanishing twin phenomenon.

I have doubts about it being fairly common, but in some instances I suppose the DNA might affect the survivor to some degree. For the sake of this thread, however, it doesn't change the fact that our genotype is determined by blood type and physical measurements, not the foods we prefer or seem to tolerate. Much less personality traits.

In orher words, a good reason to advance to Swami.
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Easy E
Tuesday, October 27, 2015, 11:50am Report to Moderator Report to Moderator

Rh+ Explorer and official INTP!
Ee Dan
Posts: 2,118
Gender: Male
Location: Lafayette, LA
Age: 35
Neither of my parents share my blood type.  If one parent is O and the other AB, the child will only be A or B, this is the case for me.   I had a twin that did not make it early in the pregnancy too.   I am A and actually strength tested highest for nomad, but had i been B, it would be a tough one to distinguish.  

Being A and having an O- and A- maternal lineage (mom and grandma), this was more evidence suggesting explorer.

I am not two toned and although a tad asymetrical side to side, overall could pass for normal in many circles!  


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Easy E  -  Wednesday, October 28, 2015, 2:23pm
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BTD Forums    Diet and Nutrition    The GenoType Diet  ›  Can you be a Nomad with type A blood?

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