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Hey, Explorers, Over Here!
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Sunday, March 16, 2008, 10:33am Report to Moderator Report to Moderator

Autumn: Harvest, success.
Posts: 300
Gender: Male
Location: New York
Age: 49

Some ideas of things that may be effecting your health which you might not have thought of:
* Do you have any amalgam filings in the teeth, or any metal at all in the mouth?    Im also wary of any piercings.
* Any other foreign bodies in your body – such as surgically planted plates.
* Do you get minimum 30 to 60 mins of sunshine per day outdoors, preferably during the brightest part of the day – should be no glass (glasses or window) between your eyes and the sun.    I think this is main rythm regulator of your body, together with meal times.

My story as follows, I will start from the beginning to make it coherent.    Its not easy to tell and I hope its useful to someone.

I had about 12 amalgam fillings placed between the age of 6 and 12.    By age 12, I was obese.    I had first major disc prolapse in my back at age 12.     The next 10 years I lost weight to normal level, but my back was a disater: annual 'incident' from disc prolapse, to sciatica, strained this and that.    
Age 22 I started high carb diet, and high dairy, and got on the corporate treadmill – and continued  for 14 years.
At age 36 I think I was standard disaster.    Fatigued, diahorea perhaps half the time, very foggy brain, not a particularly nice temprament, unpredictable mood, perhaps something close to depression, and stressed.    I was living in a developing country at that time and at age 35 and 36 received 'shock' doses of antibiotics, which I think finished off what was left of my gut and intestinal tract.    A standard disaster.  
But this may be more interesting.    At 36, following the advice of a 'dietician', I took yeast out of my diet - as I had appearance of candida.    My health declined more.    (There is research suggesting that yeast overgrowth is an auto response to amalgam/mercury – the excess yeast binds with the mercury and carrys it out of the body.   I cant find the papers now, but can look if of interest to anyone)    That I was exposed to metal toxicity the next 6 months is beyond doubt: my teeth were permanently stained, I had unexplained sweating, my vision started to go funny, I hadspontaneous uncontrolable vomit/spitting of mucus, and I started to loose my balance.    
I had my amalgam fillings removed and replaced over 2 days in Oct 2006.    I immediately felt warmer – better circulation, and that a lot of tension had gone from my body – my back was more flexible and I was more supple.    But I also felt like I had been very badly beaten up – and the 1st recovery phase took about 5 days for the ache to go away.     Amalgam literature states that the month following replacement its common to have lots of emotional problems and I had a rocky time.

Around this time I came across BTD, and a BTD practitioner in Europe suspected I was a non-scecretor.    We discussed this error after I had been to see Dr D two months later – I am secretor - and we suspected the mistaken appearance was caused by candida overgrowth or something else from amalgam effect.    Does this explain Heidi point?
I saw Dr D. in Dec 2006 and then started getting my mind around a high protein diet.    5 months later I ran half-marathon on a windy spring day in a reasonable time.     This was quite amazing and I couldnt quite believe it at the time: I had never been able to move as easily without allergy and breathing clearly.    I started reading Dr. John Sarno at this point to, and following the exercises described in his book 'The Divided Mind'.
In the next 10-months my mind continued to clear, the diahorrea disappeared - for good it seems, I havent had even a suggestion of a back problem and am getting more flexible.     Sometime in that time, I also experinced feelings of joy and happiness.    I dont know that I was ever depressed, but this was wow!
I was fortunate that when I saw Dr. D that he had some kind words for me that gave me the small push I needed to leave the corporate world and start my own small company.    It suits me much better and I  like the lifestyle and creativity.    Confidence has come back in floods.    

I gave up chocolate completely because it gives me a headache the day after.
The major changes for me since reading GTD a few months ago are recognition of the way my mind works, and not needing to 'mainstream' my oddball thinking is a big relief.    I also switched home cleaning products to natural ones and now feel quite a lot better after having finished the cleaning.   The “canary in a coal mine” describes me right: I suspect anyone lighting a cigarette within 50 metres is trying to kill me (I take it persoanlly) – even on a windy day.    Im crazy for fresh air and dont think I can live in the centre of a major city again.    These days I sleep with a window open which mildly irritates my, at times cold, girl friend.

So everything is good but now Im trying to figure out my what is right amount of sugar as its not quite right.   Ive cut it way down  – I have fruit just once or twice a day at the moment.    And I still have occasion when the wheels-fall-off and I have a bad day.   I think Ive isolated the cause is stress events: a big negotiation, or too many things to do (even though I take it easy these days).   I suspect to that my adrenal balance is still not right to – having had to much back pain, and a related foot problem (Ive stopped running), required to many pain response chemicals in my life so far, and it hasnt come back into balance – if it ever will.

I havent had any alcohol since having amalgam replaced 18-months ago, and looking forward to a glass of red wine when the time is right – maybe later this year.

"You're not disabled by the disabilities you have, you are able by the abilities you have." - Oscar Pistorius
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Sunday, March 16, 2008, 4:07pm Report to Moderator Report to Moderator

Autumn: Harvest, success.
Posts: 367
Gender: Female
Location: USA
Age: 47
Quoted from Maldo

Around this time I came across BTD, and a BTD practitioner in Europe suspected I was a non-scecretor.    We discussed this error after I had been to see Dr D two months later – I am secretor - and we suspected the mistaken appearance was caused by candida overgrowth or something else from amalgam effect.    Does this explain Heidi point?

Maldo, I'm not sure   If you are a combo that is not in the book, is it possible that some of the others that don't feel like they fit the GT they measure for maybe not following the correct diet after all?
The only Rh+ O's who are Explorers are non-secretors. Just seems kind of odd to me. I'm not saying that you are not an Explorer especially if Dr. D says so, but just wondering how you are able to override the system. We have been told over and over that is it the measurements that matter and even if you strenght test zero for the GT you measure for, that is still what you are. Guess I'm a little confused.  

Rh-, ISFP, Super Taster, Non-Secretor 52% SWAMI-XP'd Explorer.

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