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Increased Pain
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Thursday, February 15, 2007, 4:19pm Report to Moderator Report to Moderator
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Funkymuse, I also have Fibromyalgia . It can be very difficult to deal with. Getting an x-ray is a good idea too. So many Doctors told me that the only thing causing my pain was stress and fibro, but an x-ray revealed several herniated dics in my neck and lower back. That, of course, was limiting my exercise, which led to more pain from the fibro.

 I know what you mean about some days being better than others. Right now I am experiencing deep fatigue and am trying to follow the guidelines in Dr. D's book on fatigue. As I told my Dr., I feel like I sleep like the dead but wake up feeling as though I have been fighting a battle all night.

 Victoria, I took no offense from your e-mail. I understand that I need to continue to 'tweak' my personal plan for optimum benefit and I really appreciate all the advice you can give me , especially since you are a nonnie as well. I am going to try adding an egg in the morning, maybe with a little olive oil and vinegar.

 Thanks again everyone!
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Thursday, February 15, 2007, 6:01pm Report to Moderator Report to Moderator

Swami Nomad 56%
Sun Beh Nim
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I can't remember if you participated in any of the discussions on the Adrenal threads (one on Fatigue and one on Adrenals and Exercising).  ??

One of the things that seems to be very important for fatigue sufferers is to get in bed early enough.  Evidently the hours between 10 pm and 1 am are crucial times for the adrenal glands to work on healing themselves.  If we are asleep during that time, or during as much of that time as possible, it assures that the adrenals are not needed to work, and therefore they can recuperate.

This change in my sleeping habits has done more to address my chronic fatigue than anything else I've tried.  As long as I was staying up late, it didn't matter how long I stayed in bed;  I always woke up exhausted, after a restless night.

Normal day, let me be aware of the treasure you are.
Let me not pass you by in quest
of some rare and perfect tomorrow.
~Mary Jean Irion
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Friday, February 16, 2007, 2:06pm Report to Moderator Report to Moderator
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No I haven't seen those threads. Thanks for the tip on bedtime. I will try to adjust my schedule. I am usually in bed by 11:00, but will try to jump in earlier. Thanks for the hint.
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