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I have a lot of questions!
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Thursday, February 1, 2007, 5:02am Report to Moderator Report to Moderator

Rh-, MN
Sam Dan
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Quoted from Lasse
Yes as said and explained, I wrote from what ER4YT said. Another of many questions of mine, was why some foods changed status in LR4YT? Ezekiel bread dropped from Beneficial to Neutral (both types), Fennel upgraded from Neutral to Beneficial (for secretors), just to state some differences. How can this happen? Did the lectine-like molecules dissapear all of a sudden? Was the biochemestry changed, was it misprintings in ER4YT? What?
  When I read the foundation on the categorization of food subjects, its way of discriminating seemed pretty clear cut and progressive. Progressive in a way, which couldn't possibly upgrade or downgrade a food. Only if other aspects than those discussed and explained in the books were taken into account also. Is that the  reason perhaps?
  Should I always trust the newst versions of a foods categorization?  

I do not want to sound dull and destructive at all, I hope you guys know this, but in order to educated myself and understand more, I have to be positively critical. Otherwise I wont make any progress. So this question is for those who endorse this aspect of the Blood Type Diet discussion.

Quoted from ironwood55
First and most important, I think you are referencing the food values from the original ER4YT book. Some of those values have changed and some of the way food is listed has changed. I suggest you get the newer book LR4YT or use typebase for food values. I think that will clarify your questions.

Quoted from KimonoKat
Typebase4 is the most up to date for food listings.  It doesn't matter at this point why a food was classified as it was in the past.  Further refinement of the categories and/or new information or Dr. D's own testing has moved the food to a new cateogory.  Further expansion of the BTD theory as outlined in Live Right includes secretor status, as well as lifestyle strategies for stress and ideal exercise for the different types.

I suggest you read: Ask Doctor D'Adamo - More Book Differences

Dr. D has previously written in the old message board that the actual number of food value changes, that were unrelated to the separation of secretor and non-secretor values, was only about a 9-12 (if I remember correctly), which reflected the advances in basic scientific knowledge about the food.

The reason that Ezekiel bread changed value from beneficial to neutral was based on the discovery that the manufacturer was not fully sprouting the ingredients.

I don't know for sure the reason for the fennel change, but my guess is that since it is neutral for type A non-secretors that Dr. D considered that value to override the type A secretor beneficial value when he wrote ER4YT and had to only provide one value.

Another big difference between ER4YT and LR4YT was what and how foods were listed. LR4YT simplified the food lists. TYPEbase has simplified it even more. TYPEbase has fewer products listed, leaving it up to the user to evaluate products based on the ingredients list. For example, ice cream is no longer listed, just check the ingredients yourself. This approach is better and leads to less confusion. If the food ingredients are OK then the product should probably be OK.

I continue to look forward to more changes in food value recommendations as scientific advances allow Dr. D to fine tune and expand on what he has already offered us. Some of that could be based on new research about a food item, but we expect most of it will come from a better understanding of out individuality. The next book I believe will be titled The Genotype Diet and is due out in 2008. The good thing is what is already available seems to work well for just about everyone. So any improvements will just make this wonderful system work even better!

Started BTD 3/2002, with 2 O- secretor teenage sons
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BTD Forums    Diet and Nutrition    Eat Right 4 Your Type  ›  I have a lot of questions!

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