"Howdy! What a revolutionary concept! My entire life has changed since July 1998. I was 212 pounds, waist size of 42, with high blood pressure, severe sleep apnea, numerous allergies, and an immune system not functioning well. I am a blood type O, Within 1 week my blood pressure returned to normal 120/80 (WITHOUT MEDICATION)! On medication, the best readings were at 130/90! My allergies also disappeared this first week!It has now been almost 10 months and I now weigh 179, waist size is now 37, blood pressure is still at 120/80 and my severe SLEEP APNEA is GONE! I no longer need to use my CPAP (constant air pressure machine) to enable me to breathe while sleeping." -Chet D, Type O

The Blood Type Diet in Caricature

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