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Parasitic disease, Filiarisis

Description:ABH non-secretors have a higher incidence of filiarisis. Group B is associated with a higher incidence of filiarisis. ABO and Rh blood groups in 344 filarial patients and 320 controls matched with respect to age, community and residence are reported. An excess of B and a deficiency of AB was observed among the filarial patients. The relative risks for the B and AB were 1.53 and 0.36, respectively. Only males showed clearly significant risks. The Rh(D) blood groups revealed no association with filariasis. (1) Results on 605 patients and 597 controls carefully matched in relation to sex, age, marital status and profession are reported. A higher frequency of nonsecretors, as well as an excess of B and lack of A2 were observed among the filarial patients. Since these differences do not occur in other series, however, their significance is doubtful. (2)
References:1. Srisailapathy CR, Ramesh A, Ganesan J. Association of ABO and Rh(D) blood groups with filariasis. Hum Hered. 1990;40(6):381-5.

2. Ayres M, Salzano FM, Helena M, Franco LP, de Souza Barros RM. The association of blood groups, ABH secretion, haptoglobins and hemoglobins with filariasis. Hum Hered. 1976;26(2):105-9.

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