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Kidney stones

Description:Group A tend to have higher levels of calcium in their urine when compared to the other ABO groups. Seventy-nine stone-formers underwent a metabolic investigation and ABO blood group determination. Incidence of blood groups in patients was similar to ABO phenotypes distribution in general population. The 37.7 p. 100 showed family history for stones. Idiopathic hypercalciuria was present in 40.3 p. 100 of cases; stone-formers with positive family history had a higher incidence of hypercalciuria (46.8 p. 100) than subjects without affected relatives (31.5 p. 100). Patients with blood group A displayed hypercalciuria in the 54.5 p. 100 of cases while subjects with blood group O only in the 30.7 p. 100 (p less than 0.05). Glycosaminoglycans (GAGs) were reduced in the 36.9 p. 100 of the whole group and particularly in patients of blood group A. Patients with blood group A, with positive family history, showed higher mean values of calcium excretion and lower ones of GAGs. Our results seem to suggest that not only familiar factors play a significant role in stone disease pathogenesis but also some metabolic alteration may be linked to ABO phenotypes.
In the present paper 515 patients with renal calculi were examined for psychosomatic parameters and correlations to the sorts of calculi were rendered. The distribution of the various blood groups of carriers of calculi indicated a syntropy between blood group AD and calcium oxalate lithiasis. In comparison to the epidemiology for diabetes mellitus and diseases of the rheumatic forms among patients with nephrolithiasis resulted in a manifoldly higher morbidity than in the average of the population. About one quarter of all patients with lithiasis examined thinks that it undergoes negative stress situations. They feel overloaded in their profession or by other activities and without a sufficient possibility for rest at the week-end. A coarse estimation of the psychic state had the result that female as well as male carriers of calculi are to be called "questionably neurotic", where it seems not be so pronounced in males. 2.>
References:1. Ann Med Interne (Paris) 1986;137(3):200-202 Idiopathic calcium urolithiasis: genetic aspects. Caudarella R, Malavolta N, Rizzoli E, Stefani F, D'Antuono G

2. Z Urol Nephrol 1980;73(7):523-530 [Psychosomatic parameters in urolithiasis and their relation to sex and type of calculus--study using a modified complaint questionnaire]. Schneider HJ, Schuler G, Janitzky H

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