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Cancer, Ovarian

Description:Under observation were 175 patients with ovarian tumors and cysts. The distribution of ABO blood groups and Rh factor in relation to this pathology was studied as compared with the control series (2000 healthy females). There was noted an increased probability of the incidence of the majority of the ovarian tumor types among AB blood group females compared with other groups (O, A and B), and just the opposite, the probability of the tumoriform processes incidence in AB group females is considerably less than in other groups. The probability of ovarian tumors malignification proved to be the least in B group females. There is noted a considerably increased relative ovarian tumor and cyst morbidity among Rh-positive females compared with Rh-negative ones. (1)

In the period 1955-1979, 337 patients with carcinoma of the ovary were reported to the Icelandic Cancer Registry. Sufficient histological material existed for 314 of these to make it possible to classify the tumours according to the Histological Typing of Ovarian Tumours of WHO (11). The tumour was in the right ovary in 85 and the left in another 85 patients. In 137 patients both ovaries were involved at the time of diagnosis and in 30 patients the side was not known. The most frequent tumours were the group of serous adenocarcinomas, papillary adenocarcinomas and papillary cystadenocarcinomas (IA3a), occurring in 113 patients, giving an age-standardized incidence of 4.4 per 100.000. Second in frequency was the endometrioid adenocarcinoma (IC3a1), in 58 patients, and the third the group of mucinous adenocarcinoma and cystadenocarcinomas (IB3a) in 43 patients. The fourth type in frequency was undifferentiated carcinoma (IG) in 18 patients. During the period, the overall incidence of ovarian cancer did not change. However, there was an increase in the frequency of mucinous and endometrioid types of carcinoma and a decrease in serous carcinoma. Granulosa cell carcinoma was found to have been under-reported to the Icelandic Cancer Registry. ABO blood groups for 192 of the patients were available and showed a significant excess of blood group A, with patients of blood group B significantly fewer than expected. (2)
References:1. Vopr Onkol 1979;25(3):28-30 [ABO system blood groups and the rhesus factor in tumors and tumorlike processes of the ovaries].Rybalka AN, Andreeva PV, Tikhonenko LF, Koval'chuk NA

2.Acta Pathol Microbiol Immunol Scand [A] 1987 Jul;95(4):185-192 Tumours in Iceland. 9. Malignant tumours of the ovary. A histological classification, epidemiological considerations and survival. Bjarnason O, Tulinius H

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