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Cancer, Prostate

Description:Type A and Type AB men have a higher risk of developing prostate cancer. Secretors tend to have a greater incidence of prostate cancer than non-secretors. However, one study found no association. (1) However, it is fairly certain that ABO antigens are lost as prostate cells evolve towards malignancy. (2)
References:1. Kvist E, Krogh J, Hjortberg P. Prognostic variables in patients with prostate cancer: influence of blood group ABO (H), the Rhesus system, age, differentiation, tumour stage and metastases. Int Urol Nephrol. 1992;24(4):417-23.

Vowden P, Lowe AD, Lennox ES, Bleehen NM. Are blood group isoantigens lost from malignant prostatic epithelium? Immunohistochemical support for the preservation of the H isoantigen.Br J Cancer. 1986 Mar;53(3):307-12.

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