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Anemia, Pernicious

Description:Type A constitutes the greatest number of pernicious anemia sufferers, but the condition has nothing to do with the vegetarian Type A diet. Pernicious anemia is the result of a vitamin B-12 deficiency, and Type As have the most difficulty absorbing B-12 from the foods they eat. Type AB also has a tendency toward pernicious anemia, although not as great as Type A.

Type A and Type AB have lower levels of intrinsic factor than the other blood types, and they don't produce that much stomach acid. For this reason, most Type As and Type ABs suffering from pernicious anemia respond best when vitamin B-12 is administered by injection. By eliminating the need for the digestive process to assimilate this vital and potent nutrient, it is made available to the body in a more highly concentrated way.

Type Os and Type Bs tend not to suffer from anemia; they have high acid contents in their stomachs, and sufficient levels of intrinsic factor.
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