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Cancer, Pancreas

Description:Group B seems to have a higher incidence of pancreatic cancer over the other blood groups. Group O is assocuated with the lowest risk. Group A appears intermediate.

Cancer of the pancreas is associated with a higher rate of occurrence in type A individuals over other types. (1) Since pancreatic juice is liberally laced with blood type antigens, the expression of type A antigens must have some effect in inhibiting the immune response.

Few investigations discussing an association between ABO blood groups and pancreatic cancer exist. We have selected a series of 224 patients with histologically-confirmed pancreatic cancer, and their ABO blood groups distribution was compared with two control groups: 7086 patients with various diseases (Group 1) and 7320 voluntary blood donors (Group 2). There was an increased number of pancreatic cancer among the patients with blood group B (relative risk 1.5 vs Group 1 p = 0.021; 1.7 vs Group 2 p = 0.0025) and a decreased number in patients with blood group O, when compared with the two control groups. (2)
References:1.Greenwell P Blood group antigens: Molecules seeking a function? Glyconjugate Journal 14:159-73 (1997)

2. Int J Pancreatol 1990 Mar;6(2):81-88 ABO blood groups and cancer of the pancreas. Annese V, Minervini M, Gabbrielli A, Gambassi G, Manna R

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