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Description:Increasingly, we are learning that blood type incompatibility may be a critical factor in infertility. ABO incompatible couples (a Type A male fertilizing a Type O female) are a frequent occurrence in miscarriages, especially very early in the gestational term. One study of 288 miscarriages showed that there was an excess of Blood Type A and Type B in otherwise normal fetuses. It is concluded that the ABO incompatibility between mother and fetus is likely to be a cause of early miscarriages, but almost exclusively in chromosomally normal fetuses.

A study of 102 infertile couples showed that 87% were blood type incompatible. The same study also found that in 7 couples with markedly delayed fertility, the 9 children that did result were all Blood Type O, and hence would have been compatible with the mother. The authors suggested that the infertility was due to the presence of antibodies in the secretions of the mother's genital tract, or incompatible sperm from the father.

In another study, a total of 589 compatible mating couples were compared with 432 incompatible mating couples. The mean number of living children presents a significant difference. There is a 21% deficiency of Type A children in the two groups. Similarly, there is a 16% deficiency of Type B children in the two groups. It appears that there is a 31.9% rate of miscarriage associated with incompatible matings, as compared with 17.15% in compatible matings. This has led some researchers to theorize that ABO incompatibility results in 'cervical hostility' between the man's blood type antigen, which are present in his sperm, and the woman's opposing antibodies, present in her cervical mucus.

In general, levels of isoagglutinins are higher in blacks than in whites. Whites had higher anti-A than anti-B levels, and those levels were higher in females than in males. In blacks, the anti-B levels were almost as high as were the levels of anti-A, and little sex designation difference was found. It has been my observation that blacks who are Type B also appear to have a higher incidence of chronic health problems than blacks of other blood types, including diabetes and autoimmune disease. It may well be that the genesis of many future health problems originate in utero.

Blood type incompatibility can lead to infertility. Opposing blood type antibodies can be induced by foods that contain opposing blood type antigens. It is not unreasonable to conclude that the many case histories of previously infertile women conceiving and producing healthy offspring by simply eating correctly for their blood type is the result of the lowering of these opposing blood group antibodies. How? By avoiding continued re-inoculation with these problematic foods.
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