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Description:Type A has the highest incidence of osteoporosis for two reasons. First, evidence suggests that intestinal alkaline phosphatase enzyme, in addition to enhancing fat breakdown, also enhances the absorption of calcium. Perhaps this explains why Blood Type O has been shown to have less incidence of bone fractures than do the other blood types. In a study of recovering male alcoholics, who almost always have experienced long periods of sub-par nutrition, the Type O subjects had significantly higher bone densities. The patients with other blood types lost a significant amount of bone with advancing age, while those with Type O blood did not. The authors noted the following. ˘We conclude that, although alcoholism is a factor in the development of osteopenia, in males the ABO blood type status plays a significant role in themaximal mineralization of the skeleton, and the amount of bone reabsorption during aging, independent of alcohol abuse.÷ (1)

In addition, people with higher stomach acid tend to absorb calcium more efficiently, giving Type A and Type AB, with naturally low stomach acid levels, a disadvantage.

Group A is asscotaed with a higher incidence of bone fracture.

Genetically conditioned traits: blood groups ABO, MN and Rh were studied in 695 patients with osteochondrosis and in the population. Among the patients blood groups AB, N and Rh-negative were more frequent than in the control. Blood groups can be regarded as risk factors in vertebral osteochondrosis. Sex and age differences were found. (2)
Group A is associated with more severe problems resulting from vitamin D deficiency (rachitic) and osteochondrosis.
References:1.Alcohol Clin Exp Res 1990 Dec;14(6):906-908 ABO blood group differences in bone mineral density of recovering alcoholic males. Davidson BJ, MacMurray JP, Prakash V

2. Tsitol Genet 1979 Mar;13(3):232-233 [ABO, rhesus and MN system blood groups and spinal osteochondrosis]. Kolodchenko VP

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