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Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD)

Description:Several independent studies in the literature clearly document an association between Type A blood and obsessive-compulsive disorder. A 1978 Finnish study showed an association between Blood Type A and OCD in a small number of obsessive-compulsive subjects. <1> In a larger study of normal subjects using a tool called the Leyton Obsessional Inventory, Blood Type O was noticeably absent, which verified previous studies showing a low rate of OCD in Blood Type A as compared to Blood Type O. Interestingly, the catecholamines, which have such an important role in the stress response of Blood Type O, have no role in OCD. (1)

In a larger study of OCD sufferers done in 1983, Blood Type A was again shown to be associated with a higher incidence of OCD over other types, in addition to a higher incidence of hysteria. Interestingly, Blood Type O was found to have a higher incidence of phobias than the other blood types. Finally, a 1986 study on two samples of psychiatric outpatients with Blood Type A or O who completed a tool called the Brief Symptom Inventory, showed that in both samples patients with Blood Type A scored significantly higher than those with Blood Type O on the 'Obsessive-Compulsive' and 'Psychoticism' factors. The author concluded that ˘these findings are not attributable to differences in age, sex or diagnosis, and are consistent with several previous studies. The influence of blood type on symptom expression may be mediated by cell membrane characteristics, influenced in part by blood type.÷ (2)
References:1. Acta Psychiatr Scand 1978 May;57(5):377-381 Obsessive-compulsive neurosis, anancastic symptomatology and ABO blood types. Rinieris PM, Stefanis CN, Rabavilas AD, Vaidakis NM

2. Neuropsychobiology 1986;16(1):43-46 Influence of ABO blood type on symptomatology among outpatients: study and replication. Boyer WF

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