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Cancer, Lung

Description:Bronchogenic carcinoma is closely associated with cigarette smoking although additional environmental or individual factors might regulate a person's susceptibility to that disease. As a third genetic host factor the AB0 blood group frequencies were evaluated in 263 lung cancer patients. The frequency ratio of A/O was significantly higher as compared to 41,423 blood donors (odds ratio 1.37, 95% confidence limits 1.02-1.84, P less than 0.05). A/O tended to be especially high in young patients not older than 50 years. The ratio B/O in bronchial cancer was significantly higher than expected. The results suggest that the debrisoquine hydroxilator status might have an impact on an individual's susceptibility to lung cancer. This association is either a weak one and/or is restricted to certain histological cancer types or to patients with certain characteristics. The acetylator phenotype could not be established as a risk factor, whereas AB0 blood groups seem to influence lung cancer susceptibility. (1)
References:1. Klin Wochenschr 1988;66 Suppl 11:87-97 Debrisoquine hydroxylation phenotype, acetylation phenotype, and ABO blood groups as genetic host factors of lung cancer risk. Roots I, Drakoulis N, Ploch M, Heinemeyer G, Loddenkemper R, Minks T, Nitz M, Otte F, Koch M

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