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Anxiety disorders

Description:It is well documented in a number of studies that blood group A is more prone to anxiety disorders than the other blood groups. This is most likely related to higher levels of cortisol, and lower levels of melatonin. (1)

In one study, determination of ABO blood types was carried out in 72 (35 female and 37 male) patients with obsessive-compulsive neurosis, 73 (35 female and 38 male) patients with phobic neurosis, 75 (54 female and 21 male) patients with hysteria and a random sample of 600 individuals (268 female and 332 male) drawn from the general population. Results provide evidence of a positive association between obsessive-compulsive neurosis and blood group A and a corresponding negative association with blood group O. There was also a positive association between hysteria and blood group A and a corresponding negative association with blood group O. Moreover, gender did not appear to modify the ABO blood group distribution. The researchers reported that these findings were supportive of the view that hereditary factors in the neurotic individual may influence the clinical form of neurosis. (2)
References:1. Catapano F, Monteleone P, Fuschino A, Maj M, Kemali D Melatonin and cortisol secretion in patients with primary obsessive-compulsive disorder. Psychiatry Res 1992 Dec;44(3):217-25

2. Rinieris P, Rabavilas A, Lykouras E, Stefanis C. Neuropsychobiology 1983;9(1):16-18

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