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Denture stomatitis

Description:Denture stomatitis has been found to be much more prevalent and severe in Type O. One of the more common causes of denture stomatitis is infection with Candida albicans, and in general, Type O is more susceptible to this infection than the other blood types. It has also been reported that Type O is a more frequent carrier of a Candida infection of the mouth, known as thrush. Non-secretors are also more susceptible to Candida infections.

Denture stomatitis may also be caused by the constituents of the various denture adhesives. Often these are gums made from algae. Many of these gums are comprised of polysaccharide sugars which are themselves blood type specific. Perhaps these adhesives are viewed as foreign to Type O, who carry both anti-A and B antibodies in their saliva.
References:1. Nikawa H, Kotani H, Sadamori S, Hamada T. Denture stomatitis and ABO blood types. J Prosthet Dent 1991 Sep;66(3):391-4

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