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Cancer, Bladder

Description:Bladder cancer for both sexes show a marked frequency of Type B and Type A, as well as an overall preference for non-secretors. One study of transitional cell cancers of the bladder and urethra showed a high rate of reaction when the cancer cells were treated with antibodies to Type A blood. This implies that these types of tumors may be A-like in appearance.

It has also been shown that bladder cancer occurs with a high frequency in people who suffer from recurrent bladder and kidney infections conditions that afflict Type B more often than other blood types.

Rh+ individuals have more invasive tumors of the upper urinary tract.

Transitional cell carcinomas (TCCs) of the urinary bladder show variable blood group (BG) antigen reactivity even in the non-invasive stage. A correlation exists between the tumor reactivity and subsequent clinical course: when the expected BG antigen(s) is retained, the clinical course is favorable; absence of the expected antigen(s) denotes an aggressive potential. (1)
References:1. Limas C, Lange P. Altered reactivity for A, B, H antigens in transitional cell carcinomas of the urinary bladder. A study of the mechanisms involved. Cancer. 1980 Sep 15;46(6):1366-73.

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