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Cancer, Melanoma

Description:The charts of 168 patients with malignant melanoma were reviewed with regard to the incidence of the major blood groups. Blood group A was encountered in 39.9%, Group B in 7.7%, Group AB in 3%, and Group O in 49.4%. Although blood group O had a higher frequency compared to that of the general white population of various series, the difference was not significant. Patients with blood group A had a median survival of 67.7 months whereas patients with blood group O had a median survival of 46.6 months. The improved survival for blood group A remained significant only in female patients, when the sexes were considered separately. However, group A had an incidence of 24% in early Clark's lesions while that incidence in group O was 9.8%. Female patients had longer median survival (86 months) than male patients (44 months). (1)

Fifteen polymorphic systems of the blood (ABO, MNSs, Rhesus, P, Kell, Duffy, Kidd, Hp, Gc, Gm, Inv, aP, PGM1, EsD, and 6-PGD) were examined in 191 unrelated male and female patients suffering from malignant melanoma. These polymorphic systems were compared with the corresponding phenotype and gene frequencies of controls from the same geographical area (Rhineland-Palatinate). The only associations discovered were the ABO and Gm polymorphisms: The incidence of O and Gm(-1) phenotypes in patients is obviously higher than in controls. These observations agree with the findings in other population samples from Germany and Bulgaria. (2)
References:1. J Surg Oncol 1986 Sep;33(1):24-6 Blood groups and malignant melanoma. Karakousis CP, Evlogimenos E, Suh O

2. Hum Genet 1979 May 23;49(1):71-81 On the incidence of blood group O and Gm(-1) phenotypes in patients with malignant melanoma.Walter H, Brachtel R, Hilling M.

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