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Infectious disease, Tuberculosis

Description:Tuberculosis runs a much more aggressive and detrimental course in blood group O, while blood group A is afforded the highest degree of protection. A further complicating factor appears to be ethnic background. Group Os of European lineage have a greater susceptibility and a poorer outcome than group Os from other backgrounds. Among Asians, group B has higher rates of infection and severer forms of tuberculosis. Rh positive or Rh negative blood type might have some impact on tuberculosis survival, as well. Research demonstrates that more Rh negative persons died from tuberculosis, while a higher percentage of Rh positive persons survived.
References:1. Sybirna RI, Platonova IL, Sakhelashvili MI. [The immunological changes caused by Mycobacterium tuberculosis in patients with different blood groups] Mikrobiol Z. 1999 Jul-Aug;61(4):54-8. Ukrainian

2. Volkova KI, Blinetskaia ZS, Fateev IN. [Genetic blood markers of the ABO system in patients with pulmonary tuberculosis in relation to ethnic origin] Probl Tuberk. 1991;(10):55-8.

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