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Parasitic disease, Giardia

Description:A study has been performed on 467 cases of differents parasitic diseases and ABO blood groups. With classical statistical methods, we did not find any correlation, but with a large number of variables, we used the factorial analysis, and we obtained maps with relationship O-hookworm and strongloidiasis. A-giardiasis, B-Entamoeba coli. But AB group seems to be far from all parasitosis. Besides, blood group and severity of diseases seem not to be related. With HLA groups, a study by microlymphocytotoxicity on 36 West-African (Sarakole people) showed that HLA B5 is predominant in cases of schistosomiasis.(2)
References:1. Barnes GL, Kay R. Blood-groups in giardiasis. Lancet. 1977 Apr 9;1(8015):808.

2. J Egypt Soc Parasitol 1989 Jun;19(1):67-73Study of relationship of ABO and Rh blood group, and HLA antigens with parasitic diseases. Bouree P, Bonnot G

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