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Cancer, Thyroid

Description:Group O is associated with the lowest risk. Group A with the highest risk. The blood groups of 1012 patients were investigated that underwent operations in connection with the following thyroid diseases: Basedow's disease, basedowified goiter, toxic adenoma with thyroid carcinoma. Significant discrepancies were established not to exist as compared with the distribution of the blood groups among the Bulgarian population. The percentage of the patients with blood group A is only higher in carcinoma of the thyroid gland -- 50.2 per cent and in blood group O -- lower 27.8 per cent. (2)

An interesting and not previously reported parallel has been observed between the known pattern of ABO (H) blood group isoantigen expression in normal and neoplastic colonic epithelium and that in the thyroid. Epithelial expression of blood group isoantigens was not observed in 16 specimens of normal or non-neoplastic thyroid tissue. This contrasts with the progressive re-expression of these antigens in neoplastic thyroid tissue. Blood group isoantigens were detected in two of eight papillary adenomas and 13 of 17 papillary carcinomas. Antigen expression was in part related to differentiation, and stained cells were less readily detected in follicular tumours, only one of five adenomas and two of seven carcinomas displaying blood group antigens while three medullary and two anaplastic carcinomas were antigen-deficient. (1)
A family with high genetic penetrance of medullary carcinoma of the thyroid was reported. Seven proven (6 patients and one autopsy case) and 2 probable cases of medullary carcinoma were present in 25 members through 3 generations. An endogemy had intervened in the prior generation of these cases. Preliminary results in clinicopathological examinations of 7 proven cases were as follows; clinically, all of the cases showed B type blood group. 3.>
References:1. Vowden P, Lowe AD, Lennox ES, Bleehen NM Br J Cancer 1986 Jun;53(6):721-725 Thyroid blood group isoantigen expression: a parallel with ABH isoantigen expression in the distal colon.

2.Klechova L, Gosheva-Antonova T. [ABO and Rh blood group factors in thyroid gland diseases]. Vutr Boles. 1980;19(4):75-9.

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