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Parasitic disease, Schistosomiasis

Description:Group B is most susceptible to schistosomiasis.

Intensity, annual incidence of S. haematobium infection and related organ pathology was significantly higher among children of blood group 'A' and lowest among blood group 'O' children (P < 0.01, F-value = 6.13). Similarly, S. Mansoni intensity and incidence of infection and related liver lesions were highest among children of blood group 'A' (P < 0.005, F-value = 11.45). (1)
References:1. Ndamba J, Gomo E, Nyazema N, Makaza N, Kaondera KC.Schistosomiasis infection in relation to the ABO blood groups among school children in Zimbabwe. Acta Trop. 1997 May 30;65(3):181-90.

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