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A database of blood group correlations to common diseases

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Description:As we age, the amount of protective antibodies produced by our antigens decline. These anti-blood type antibodies protect our immune systems from the presence of foreign antigens. Obviously, the decline in their production opens our systems to a series of opportunistic pathogens, and thus to any number of eventually fatal diseases.

Does blood type influence lifespan? As perhaps expected the results are conflicting. A study of Italian physicians showed a higher percetage of those over the age of 75 were type O (1) while another study showed that type B was associetd with a higher lifespan. (2) It has been my feeling (for quite a long time) that group B individuals on average are a bit healthier than their counterparts. Since they tend to fall almost invariably between A and O with regard to disease susceptibilities, this 'tempering effect' can be expected to translate into a higher percentage of type B individuals attaining a more advanced age.

The NN subtype of the MNS blood grouping system may be associated with a slight increase in longevity (especially in women) (3)

"It is difficult to understand how agglutinins are produced in individuals who do not have the respective antigenic substances in their red blood cells. However, small amounts of group A and B antigens are believed to enter the body in the food, in bacteria, or by other means, and these substances presumably initiate the development of anti-A or anti-B agglutinins."-Guyton, Textbook of Medical Physiology
References:1. Jorgensen G. [ABO blood groups in physicians of 75 years of age. Further evidence in favor of little more fitness on the part of subjects with blood group O]. Minerva Med. 1974 Jul 14;65(54):2881-6.

2. Dworsky R, Paganini-Hill A, Arthur M, Parker J. Immune responses of healthy humans 83-104 years of age. J Natl Cancer Inst 1983 Aug;71(2):265-8

3. Turowska B, Gurda M, Wozniak K. ABO, MN, Kell, Hp and Gm1 markers in elderly humans. Mater Med Pol. 1991 Jan-Mar;23(1):7-12.

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