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Thyroid disease, general

Description:Group O tend to have the lowest levels of TSH (1) Non-secretion is associated with increased susceptibility to infection and to asymptomatic carriage of some microorganisms, notably Yersinia which has been found to express antigen cross reactive with the TSH receptor (2)
References:1. Carmel R, Spencer CA. Clinical and subclinical thyroid disorders associated with pernicious anemia. Observations on abnormal thyroid-stimulating hormone levels and on a possible association of blood group O with hyperthyroidism. Arch Intern Med. 1982 Aug;142(8):1465-9.

Toft AD, Blackwell CC, Saadi AT, Wu P, Lymberi P, Soudjidelli M, Weir DM. Secretor status and infection in patients with Graves' disease. Autoimmunity. 1990;7(4):279-89.

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