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Auto-immune disease, Fibromyalgia

Description:Type Os who consume a lot of grains in their diet are highly susceptible to autoimmune disease. The lectins exacerbate the tendency for hyper-immunity, which is characteristic of autoimmune diseases.I know of many cases of fibromyalgia that have dramatically improved and been relieved by following the Blood Type Diet. Of the foods known to induce joint inflammation, grains certainly top the list. One researcher says of lectins: "Avoidance of these is frequently the only dietary maneuver required, especially in the early cases." Our most common grains contain lectins, and many of these lectins are specifically attracted to sugars, particularly N-acetyl glucosamine (NAG), that are found abundantly in connective tissue. Wheat germ lectin in particular has an affinity for NAG. My suspicion is that a substantial amount of the improvement is simply the result of wheat avoidance, particularly for Type O.
Many people with fibromyalgia experience a type of sleep disturbance called alpha delta sleep disorder. When a person is awake and resting, "alpha" brain waves are emitted at a frequency of 8 to 13 per second. When a person is in deep sleep, "delta" brain waves are emitted at a rate of less than 3.5 per second. People with alpha delta sleep disorder experience a disruption in these patterns. When they reach deep sleep, the phase in which muscles are repaired, alpha waves intrude and jolt them back to lighter sleep. They don't obtain enough deep sleep, and their body is not adequately refreshed. This condition aggravates fibromyalgia symptoms.Lack of sleep accentuates the fatigue that most people with fibromyalgia experience. Musculoskeletal pain is also worsened by poor sleep. Most people who don't sleep well have muscle aches, regardless of the cause of their sleep disturbance. Because people with fibromyalgia achieve only light, non-restorative sleep, their body never fully relaxes. In addition, they often toss and turn all night, which keeps the muscles tensed and active. People with normal sleep patterns typically awaken feeling refreshed. But people with fibromyalgia may be in significant pain when they get out of bed in the morning.

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