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Emphysema (COPD)

Description:ABH non-secretors have a higher incidence of emphysema and COPD.Nonsecretors had significantly lower mean values of forced expiratory volume in one second as a percentage of forced vital capacity (FEV1/FVC%) and a significantly larger proportion of them had aberrant values, defined as FEV1/FVC% less than 68. These differences remained when mean values or rates of aberrancy were adjusted for other factors reported to alter risk of airway obstruction. In view of the known COPD-peptic ulcer and nonsecretor-duodenal ulcer associations, these findings suggest that the ability to secrete ABH antigens into secretions of the respiratory and gastrointestinal tract may have a protective effect on epithelialized organs in general, or on the lung and portions of the gut specifically. (1)

For example, ABO type, familial component, coffee drinking and diet soda intake were related to marked differences in lung function in cigarette smokers, but had little impact in never smokers. Thus, interactions of factors must be considered when assessing risk of pulmonary dysfunction. In the longitudinal evaluation, 11 factors found to be significant on cross sectional study plus 4 tests of lung function (closing capacity, diffusing capacity, slope of Phase III, and flow volume curves) were examined for correlations with loss of forced expiratory volume. Consistently greater declines of lung function were noted in males, older subjects, smokers, whites, and individuals carrying the type A blood group allele. (2)

At higher pack-year levels, those individuals with the A antigen or the family history, but especially those with both factors had a much lower mean FEV1/FVC % and a much higher prevalence of AO than expected based on a simple additive model. On the other hand, there was no interaction between smoking and PiZ allele, or smoking and ABH secretor status. (3)
References:1. Cohen BH, Bias WB, Chase GA, Diamond EL, Graves CG, Levy DA, Menkes H, Meyer MB, Permutt S, Tockman MS. Is ABH nonsecretor status a risk factor for obstructive lung disease? Am J Epidemiol. 1980 Mar;111(3):285-91.

2.Menkes HA, Cohen BH, Beaty TH, Newill CA, Khoury MJ. Risk factors, pulmonary function, and mortality. Prog Clin Biol Res. 1984;147:501-21

3.Khoury MJ, Beaty TH, Newill CA, Bryant S, Cohen BH. Genetic-environmental interactions in chronic airways obstruction. Int J Epidemiol. 1986 Mar;15(1):65-72.

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