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Infectious disease, Yersinia (Plague)

Description:Yersinia infection shows a higher incidence of group O over the other ABO groups.

Yersinia and Type O: Yersinia is the species which was reponsible for the plague of the Middle Ages called the ˘Black Death.÷ By the time it had fully run its course, probably one-third of the population of Europe and untold millions in Asia and Africa had been killed. Yersinia produces an antigen which mimics type O, and thus this blood type unfortunately sees the pathogen as 'friendly.' (136) Without doubt many of those who did succumb to the plague in medieval times were type O (137) and the effect was probably to redress the population balance towards type A. There was a recent outbreak of Yersinia in the early 1980's in the Pacific NW, apparently from contaminated tofu.
References:1. Kaneko K, et al Prevalence of O agglutinins against the epizootic strains of Yersinia pseudo tuberculosis serovars IB and IVA in barn rats. Nippon Juigaku Zasshi. 1982 Apr;44(2):375-7.

2. Zhukov-Berezhnilov NN, et al [Heterogenetic antigens of plague and cholera microbes, similar to antigens of human and animal tissues Biull Eksp Biol Med. 1972 Apr;73(4):63-5. Russian.

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