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Periodontal disease

Description:Studies repeatedly show distinct differences between the blood types and rates of occurrence of periodontal disease and gingivitis, with Type A and Type B being more affected than Type O. This would appear to make sense, as people who are Type A, Type B, and Type AB are able to secrete A, B (or A and B) antigens in their saliva, in addition to the O or H antigen.

One study looked at two hundred and thirty-eight Caucasians who were divided into four groups: normal, ulcerative gingivitis, chronic gingivitis, and periodontosis. Results showed the chronic gingivitis group was significantly different in ABO typing than the control group, with the gingivitis subjects having a larger percentage of Type ABs, and a smaller percentage of Type Os. The periodontosis group showed more sufferers of Type A and Type B and a smaller percentage of Type O than the healthy controls.
References:1. J Periodontol 1980 Jun;51(6):339-42 Association between ABO blood groups, HL-A antigens and periodontal diseases in young adults: a follow-up study.Kaslick RS, West TL, Chasens AI.

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