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A database of blood group correlations to common diseases

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Cancer, Gynecological General

Description:A retrospective analysis of 968 women affected by gynecological tumors was conducted to assess the existence of a difference in survival between patients with different blood groups. Data are presented on 237 cases of endometrial cancer, 92 cases of ovarian cancer and 639 cases of invasive cervix cancer, detailing their ABO blood antigenic phenotypes, the stage of neoplasia and the treatment received. With regard to endometrial cancer, a sensibly better 5-year and 10-year survival is associated with blood group 0 if compared with blood group A. This finding is more evident when 5-year survival is considered among patients affected by ovarian cancer. With regard to cervical cancer, analysis showed that a little better than 5-year survival is associated with 0 blood phenotype. The present study confirms evidence of an association between the A blood group and gynecological tumors. Endometrial and ovarian cancer occur more frequently in women with blood group A women than in others. Moreover, in the same tumors blood group A is associated with a poor prognosis. The possible reason for these findings are discussed with detailed regard to the possible biological importance that, at present, is conferred to the ABO group system in the complex activities of the immune system. (1,2)

Fibroids are more common in Type A and Type AB, probably because cellular growth factors that are responsible for the proliferation of uterine tissue can be stimulated by the type A antigen. It has also been shown that hyperlastic (rapidly growing) endometrial tissue is heavily infiltrated with blood group antigens, whereas normal endometrial tissue is not.
References:1. Minerva Ginecol 1995 Mar;47(3):69-76 [Blood groups of the ABO system and survival rate in gynecologic tumors]. Marinaccio M, Traversa A, Carioggia E, Valentino L, Coviello M, Salamanna S, Dragone DC, Marinaccio L

2. Milunicova A, Jandova A, Skoda V. [The secretion of ABH group substances by women with gynecologic carcinomas]. Z Immunitatsforsch Allerg Klin Immunol. 1969 May;139(1):90-3.

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