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Description:The ABO blood groups and the secretor status of 210 schizophrenic patients born in Budapest and in her neighbourhood was determined by the author. According to principles of the nosological taxonomy suggested by Sneshnewski the patients were classified as three forms of process, continuous, shift-like and recurrent. It was found decrease of "O" antigen and increase of "A" antigen in the continuous form, while increase of "O" and decrease of "A" in the shift-like form. In the group showing recurrent form of process are genetically independent nosological units, it was found increase of "O" non-secretors. The various frequency of genes refer to biological origin and polygenic inheritance of the disease. The author emphasizes that genetic examination of schizophrenia should carry according to principles of nosology.
References:1. Encephale 1981;7(2):143-152[Relationship between schizophrenia, ABO system and secretory system]. Faludi G

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