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Infectious disease, Salmonella

Description:Blood group A appears to be more susceptible to typhoid bacilli infection. Blood groups of the ABO system were studied in 186 chronic carriers of typhoid bacilli, and in 392 patients with typhoid fever from various districts of Uzbekistan. In comparison with healthy persons, group A had a higher number of infections than did group O. These data demonstrated the predisposition of persons with bloos group A to chronic typhoid carrier state. It was characteristic of the Asian part of the country. In comparison, there were significantly less persons with blood group O infected, and more with blood group AB. The researchers suggested the possibility of correlative mechanisms between the specific blood type and the typhoid infection. (1) The B antigen appears to be protective for women, but may also be responsible for an increase in susceptibility in men. Rh negative shows an increased incidence of becoming ill with typhoid.
References:1. Zh Mikrobiol Epidemiol Immunobiol 1976 Aug;8:66-69 [Blood groups of the ABO system of chronic carriers of typhoid bacteria and typhoid patients in Uzbekistan].Nevskii, M.V., Lerenman, M.I., Iusupov, Kiu., Aminzada, Z.M., Vedenskaia, V.A.

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