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Description:Blood group O and to a lesser extent blood group B have a greater risk of cerebral aneurysm. This risk appears to be related to lack of sufficient blood clotting factors. In a study of 150 patients with arteriovenous aneurysm, there was a significant absence of aneurysm sufferers who were blood group A, versus an excess of groups O and B. This association was highly significant for men, but was even more significant for women. (1)

In another study, the 482 strokes which were the result of cranial bleeding there was a significantly higher occurrence of patients who were blood groups O and B over those who were blood groups A and AB. (2)

An older (1967) showed a higher rate of groups B and O amongn 150 Swedish patients who had suffered cerebral aneurysms (bleeding into the cranial cavity). This again points to the lower clotting abilities of groups O and B blood over A and AB. (3)
References:1. Ionescu DA, Ghitescu M, Marcu I, Xenakis A. Erythrocyte rheology in acute cerebral thrombosis. Effects of ABO blood groups. Blut 1979 Nov;39(5):351-7

2. Ionescu DA, Marcu I, Bicescu E. Cerebral thrombosis, cerebral haemorrhage, and ABO blood-groups. Lancet 1976 Feb 7;1(7954):278-80

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