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Type A Behavior

Description:Investigation of the relationship between ABO blood groups (ABO BG) and Type A behavior pattern (TABP) was performed. CH and TH + CH scores in individuals with blood type A and type A personality were significantly lower (P less than 0.01). The values of TH-CH scores among tested people were of no statistical significance (P greater than 0.05). Moreover, nearly half of the examinees (41.32%) had higher CH score and the distribution of the individuals was obviously different in statistics (P less than 0.005). In addition, L score of examinees with blood type A and type B personality was relatively lower.
References:1. Hua Hsi I Ko Ta Hsueh Hsueh Pao 1991 Mar;22(1):93-96 [Study on relationship between human ABO blood groups and type A behavior pattern]. Mao X, Xu M, Mu S, Ma Y, He M

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