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Musculo-skeletal injury

Description:The distribution of the ABO blood groups was studied in 917 patients with specific musculoskeletal diagnoses. The ABO blood group distribution of patients with rupture of the Achilles tendon (P = 0.030) and of patients with chronic Achilles peritendinitis (P = 0.10) differed from the controls. The ABO blood group distribution was not associated with other musculoskeletal injuries studied. The blood group A/O ratio was 1.42 in the control population. In the group with rupture of the Achilles tendon this ratio was 1.0, and in the group with Achilles peritendinitis it was 0.70. The association between injuries of the Achilles tendon and the ABO blood group distribution was in accordance with an earlier report. There may be a genetic linkage between the ABO blood groups and the molecular structure of the tissue of Achilles tendons. (1)

53 per cent of the 873 cases of subcutaneous (spontaneous) tendon ruptures, treated in the National Institute of Traumatology belonged to the blood group O, and that was significantly higher than in the healthy population (31.1 per cent) of Hungary. The ratio of the tendon rupture patients belonging to the blood group A was significantly lower (27.1 per cent) than in the population (42,4 per cent). The ratio of the cases belonging to the blood group O among the multiple tendon rupture and rerupture patients proved to be over 70 per cent. On the basis of their data authors think that there is a relation between the ABO blood group system and the tendon rupture: those belonging to the blood group O are more endangered by, those belonging to the blood group A are more protected against tendon rupture. No relation was found between the Rh(D) blood group system and the tendon rupture. (2)
References:1.Injury 1992;23(2):131-133 ABO blood groups and musculoskeletal injuries. Kujala UM, Jarvinen M, Natri A, Lehto M, Nelimarkka O, Hurme M, Virta L, Finne J

2.Magy Traumatol Orthop Helyreallito Seb 1990;33(2):101-104 [Correlations between the ABO blood group system and tendon rupture].Jozsa L, Barzo M, Balint JB

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