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A database of blood group correlations to common diseases

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Growth and maturity

Description:Analyses performed within race showed that several variables including beta-lipoprotein cholesterol, systolic blood pressure, and the ponderal index were sufficient to discriminate between individuals possessing the B antigen (B and AB) and those not possessing the B antigen (A and O) in the White subsample. However, height in itself can account for the detected difference, B individuals being taller than non-B individuals by a mean value of 2.4 cm. A concordant, but not significant effect was found in the Black subsample. Further tests support the conclusion that the strongest association is between ABO blood type and height.

The age at menarche in relation to ABO blood group phenotypes and haemoglobin-E genotypes has been studied among 290 girls belonging to Mongoloid ethnic stock in the North Eastern region of India. The study shows that the age at menarche is influenced by the abnormal haemoglobin E genotype as well as ABO blood group phenotype. Thus, the genetic markers play a pivotal role in the growth and development of an individual.
References:1. Hum Hered 1985;35(3):161-170 ABO associations with blood pressure, serum lipids and lipoproteins, and anthropometric measures. Borecki IB, Elston RC, Rosenbaum PA, Srinivasan SR, Berenson GS

2. Balgir RS. Menarcheal age in relation to ABO blood group phenotypes and haemoglobin-E genotypes.J Assoc Physicians India 1993 Apr;41(4):210-211

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