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Description:Group B has a increased incidence of vitiligo. However, a significant association was observed with the MN system with an excess of homozygotes and of the M gene in vitiligo. (1) ABO blood group frequencies of 1000 vitiligo patients were studied and compared with those of blood donors and local population. The relative risk of O was significantly reduced in patients in comparison with blood donors but not with local population. (2)
References:1.Clin Genet 1980 Jun;17(6):415-7 Genetic association in vitiligo: ABO, MNSs, Rhesus, Kell and Duffy blood groups. Wasfi AI, Saha N, El Munshid HA, El Sheikh FS, Ahmed MA.

2.J Med Genet 1977 Jun;14(3):211-3 Association of ABO blood groups and vitiligo.Kareemullah L, Taneja V, Begum S, Sarma PK, Baig HA.

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