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A database of blood group correlations to common diseases

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Immunity, General

Description:Group AB has the lowest level of leukocyte phagocytosis. Group O is highest. Group B is intermediate.

Group A has the lowest levels of NK cell activity

Evidence suggests that ABH non-secretors have lower levels of IgG. In tests of 202 Caucasians researchers found IgA concentrations to be significantly lower in non-secretors than in secretors. ) This seems to imply that the ABH non-secretor state is associated with a "Defense In Depth" strategy (i.e. let the invader in and attempt to destroy it internally) versus the ABH secretor state, which implies a "Preclusive Strategy" (i.e. wall out the invader and don't allow entrance in the first place.) For example, the free ABH antigen on the mucosa barriers of ABH secretors acts as an effect anti-adhesive mechanism against ABH specific bacterial fimbrae lectins.

On the other hand, the ability to secrete relatively different concentration of the components of the blood group substances as determined by secretors/non-secretor genetics seems to affect phagocytic activity of the leucocytes in a manner that actually places non-secretors at somewhat of an advantage. In general, leukocytes of non-secretors have substantially greater ingestion power as compared to secretors. Although this ability appears to be across the board for all non-secretors, blood group O and B non-secretors have the greatest advantage and highest phagocytic activity. Perhaps this is a compensatory mechanism for their more limited antigenic barrier in their body fluids and secretions.

Results suggest that the level of anti-I in the serum of normal individuals may be affected by the donor's ABO group, secretor status and sex. For individuals with blood group O, B and AB secretors have higher levels of an antibody presumed to be auto-anti-I (cold hemagglutinin). The level of this antibody is usually even higher among non-A female secretors than for males.

Researchers have found that in individuals with insulin dependent diabetes mellitus, the mean level of C3c for non-secretors is significantly lower than that found for secretors. The level of C4 among ABH non-secretors was also significantly lower than that of ABH secretors.
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