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In response to: Healing Setback

Ruth [Visitor]
My guess is that it's a combination of many factors- the stress of factors 2-4 finally catching up with you. I hope you're able to get plenty of rest and feel better soon.
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In response to: Healing Setback

Fleta [Visitor]
Hoping you are on the upswing. Maybe sharing and putting it all down will help relieve some stress. You are an inspiration!

Thank you so much for your kind words. Connie
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In response to: Blood thinners

Tom Martens [Visitor] ·
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In response to: Diagnosis – Lyme Disease!!!

Paul [Visitor]
What is your blood type?
Did you have your tonsiles removed?
At what age?
My daughter developed Lyme at 20, 5 years after she had her tonsils removed.

I believe research will show those who have tonsils removed have higher rates of Lyme.

Hi Paul,

My blood type is B+ and I still have my tonsils. But I think you may be on to something.


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In response to: Don’t forget to check your prescription!

Ruth [Visitor]
At least you figured it out after only a day or two. Imagine if you'd kept taking the wrong dose for weeks!
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In response to: Dr. William Lee Cowden recommends BTD

Dianna [Visitor] ·
That is so good to hear! I was just diagnosed after a lifetime of Lyme disease. I have been trying to find out my whole life why I have been in pain and not felt good since as long as I can remember (back to age 3). In seeking out a doctor doing a biofilm protocol for my 2 boys who had been misdiagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, I found out from her that we all have Lyme disease as they got it from me via the placenta. They both were so sick from birth. The first time they started doing better was when we started the Specific Carbohydrate Diet. Now we will be using Dr. Cowden's protocol too as Lyme has also caused Long QT Syndrome for 2 of us. I'm very excited to be starting a treatment that will get us better!

Good luck with your treatment. I highly recommend you get a swami through the Blood type diet as that has been so helpful to me. Log onto the forums if you haven't already. There's a Lyme discussion here:

All my best, Connie
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In response to: I can Garden again!

Congrats on such success in your health journey. I can relate about the benefits of exercising! So glad you are getting back to vibrant health. :)

Type B (non-secretor)
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In response to: My mom died last month

Connie [Visitor]
Thanks so much for your wonderful comments.

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In response to: My mom died last month

admin [Member]
My deepest sympathies.

Peter D'Adamo.
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In response to: My mom died last month

Angela [Visitor]
Condolences on your loss. What an interesting commentary on how different you see the world than you used to. How wonderful that you know and recognize many ways you can care for yourself even in a difficult time. Blessings to you and your family.
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In response to: My mom died last month

Ruth [Visitor]
I'm so sorry for your loss.
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In response to: My mom died last month

Lola [Visitor]
you have my sympathies on your loss. Blessings to you and your family, and may your mother rest in peace and joy.
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In response to: My mom died last month

Peppermint Twist [Visitor]
I'm sorry for your loss, Connie. From everything I've ever heard, Hospice is wonderful, and such an important service for people. I'm glad they made the whole process one that was healthy, respectful, healing and peaceful for all involved. Still, grieving is grieving, and the only way through it, is through it. Hang in there and be good to yourself. (((HUG)))
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In response to: My mom died last month

John Flynn [Visitor]
You are very lucky to have had the special time with your Mum, I'm sure your mum was really pleased too. x
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In response to: My mom died last month

Landie [Visitor]
What a blessing that you were able to be there with your mom in her last days, even though it was tough. My condolences on her passing.

One thing I found that helped me when I was out of town was to have a bunch of CLIFF bars. They are pretty much compliant with Type O (and the perfect alternative to bagels and pastries that were at my meeting). I also brought little cartons of apple juice with me, so I could avoid the corn syrup. Okay, maybe not the healthiest route to go, but it sure helped me to not gain a single pound when I was away from home for a week! :)
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In response to: The more I read about “herxing” the more I believe in the Geno Type Diet.

Very interesting about the healing crisis. I am just starting the GTD for Explorer this week. I have very dry skin this winter leading to extreme eczema one leg and one foot. Looking forward improved skin results!

Hope you are experiencing more energy these days :)
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In response to: The more I read about “herxing” the more I believe in the Geno Type Diet.

Andrea [Member]
Connie, have you looked at Genoma Security breaks up biofilms. Just google lyme disease biofilms and you will learn about the application for this unique supplement. Dr. D'Adamo created it so you can buy it from DPN.

Thanks Andrea! Someone suggested it after my last blog so I started taking it about a month ago. Too early to tell yet, but I'm sure it will help. Connie
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In response to: Diagnosis – Lyme Disease!!!

Janet [Visitor] ·
I am glad you found a specialist who did the testing necessary to diagnose your lyme disease. How did you find this specialist? I am living in Georgia and have had symptoms of Lyme disease and cannot find a physician who will perform the tests needed to diagnose chronic lyme disease. Can you give me any information regarding this specialist? I wish you the best with your treatment. Janet

Hi Janet,

I'm in CA so I don't know any Lyme Literate Doctors in Georgia. But here's a couple of websites that might help you find a doctor.

Sometimes it's a little hard finding doctor, but be persistant. The first doctor I found was over a 3 hour drive each way. Now I only have to drive 45 minutes. Good luck! There is help out there including lots of good books with remedy advice.



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In response to: Healing Emotions

Joe [Visitor]
The body definitely does store emotions related to illnesses or trauma... To fully heal, we do need to release the stored emotions (and forgive trespassers) as well as clean any stored toxins that are related... Healing is a complex business...
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In response to: Healing Emotions

Connie [Visitor]
Thanks for the link Tom! I'm taking Polyflora and lots of fish oils as well as many herbal remedies (I take a handful of pills three times a day, no antibiotics). But, I'm really interested in the "Security" supplement. I'll talk to my ND and see if it's ok to add it.

Victoria - I enjoyed your comment. I guess illness can be a blessing!

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