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In response to: Sick baby to healthy toddler:
The story of Jared Abramson.

Debbie Coll [Visitor]
This blood type diet thing is very interesting. I saw a lot of m own symptoms in the type A description. I have a. Son with Autism and one of the first things we had to do was remo e cows milk. Why? Not so much that he was lactose intolerant but casein intolerant, the protein in milk which is difficult to break down. Contrary to popular belief processed milk is not good for us, but raw unprocessed Milk is, particularly from grass fed animals. That goes for meat as well. The reason half the population is gluten intolerant as well is that our bodies weren't made to digest most of the types of foods we are eating today and as we get older and expose our bodies to more of gluten, dairy etc it begins to become intolerant to these things and we get all those symptoms of feeling unwell etc. Another controversial thing is that I believe that the heavy vaccine schedule is damaging young children's immune systems and since about 80% of the immune system lines the gut, it is no surprise that there are all these colicky babies, food intolerances, allergies, asthma, excema, learning and speech delays etc. Our brains are influenced by what goes into our mouths and guts. It will be great when the whole medical world wakes up to this very sad and frightening truth.
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In response to: Sick baby to healthy toddler:
The story of Jared Abramson.

Robby Smink [Visitor]
Found out about this book several years ago and I tell everyone with medical problems about it. It changed our lives.
It's too bad they don't teach this book in Med schools. When was the last time you went to a doctor with a complaint and he asked you about your diet? NEVER, and they should because many of the foods we eat are wrong for our blood types and the body is trying to tell you that with all your symptoms.
All they offer you is pills, surgery and MRI's etc when a simple change of diet is all that is required.
Of course Big Pharma can't make any money that way, so diet change is not even considered.
I became a total believer when after drinking two bottles of red wine one night I had no ill after effects, while after drinking beer I always paid the price especially as I got older.
For type A's Beer (wheat products and it's derivatives)is poison, while red wine is like a medicine for me, as DR, D'Adamo said,- highly beneficial.

Another convincer for me was that I notice that if I drink a glass of tomato juice (an avoid for type 'A') I'll get gout in my big toe within 5 minutes.

Keep telling your friends about this wonderful information. It makes total sense and it totally works.

Sincerely, Robby Smink
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In response to: To 'B' or not to 'B': The story of Sarah Cheta

anna k. [Visitor]
I've been sick for a few weeks now & wondered why I haven't gotten better & stumbled upon this blood type diet. I am a B type & began researching about my blood type & it all makes sense now. I've been eating chicken quit often & eating things containing tomatoes & peanut butter. They're all bad for me & I love corn! This explains all of my symptoms & depression being sleep deprived all the time. I'm looking forward to this diet.
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In response to: To 'B' or not to 'B': The story of Sarah Cheta

Uwa [Visitor]
I have been using the blood type diet for over 12 years and it is simply fantastic! I am a B blood type and to know that certain foods, especially chicken, was a serious health hazard, was an eyeopener!

I am 49, but people swear I am between 38-41 years old. People almost 'collapse' when I tell them my age. My weight has remained a constant for over 10 years. My skin is brilliant and glowing and I receive compliments all the time.

I have recommended this blood type diet to numerous people and the health benefits and testimonials are incredible.

I believe totally in it because I am proof that it works.

I still struggle with prawns, snails and crabs and looking forward to when I totally eliminate them from my diet, but for now, I eat them very sparingly, after which, I know that I would have indigestion for the next day!

The B type diet appears the most balanced of the 4 so perhaps I am lucky in that sense. My sister is an O and although she finds the benefits fantastic (she recently 'cured' her arthritis by eliminating Irish potatoes, which, incidentally, is my B son's favorite meal!), she does complain that the carbohydrate choices are limiting.

I could go on and on, but suffice to restate that I believe totally in this. I have used it for so long and used it on others, that at some point, I was being encouraged to study it more with a view to running a licensed consultancy here in Lagos, Nigeria, where live and practice my successful law practice!

I recommend that everyone reads the book first before trying out the diet for the specific blood type.

The rationale behind the book and diet plans is simple: if we were meant to eat the same thing, we would all have been created with the same blood type. The blood is the life force of the human body. Why don't we give it exactly what it requires for optimal performance?

I would rather eliminate 'poisons' from my body, than take medication to control any resulting Heath problems from those 'poisons'!
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In response to: To 'B' or not to 'B': The story of Sarah Cheta

Lisa [Visitor]
Just getting tuned into the concept and purchase the eat right 4 your blood type APP for my android. There are some inconsistencies between the APP and the website, specifically the nightshade vegetables. They are clearly avoids on the website, but listed as neutrals on the App. Which is correct?
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In response to: Sick baby to healthy toddler:
The story of Jared Abramson.

Paula [Visitor]
I have just read your book and it makes so much sense.I am blood group A I had severe food poisoning in February 2011 after I eat a bean cake that I suspect was made out of beans that where not washed properly and this side of the world i live in they spray insecticide. I was in hospital for three days. They told me I also have ulcer. After being discharched i read on the net what to eat when you have ulcer and followed the diet and was feeling better but then after i started eating everything in May I had a bout and i visited the doctor who put me on Nexium and Motillium for two weeks. after the medicationthe symptoms started again and I was given more and sent for an endoscopy which diagnosed me with gastrites with erosions and bile reflux as well as H Pylori bacteria. I was put on three courses of antibiotics plus Nexium 80mg daily and Motillium,tripotassium cidrato bismuthate for two weeks. After this I was given more proton pumps this time Pariet or Rabeprazole 20mg, Mottillium and Citotec for another 2 weeks. i am now on Pariet 20mg again and Antepsin. I feel a bit better when on medication but after I finish 2 or 3 days later the symptoms come back. According to your book Gastrites is caused by not enough stomach acid but I have been taking NEXIUM and RABEPRAZOLE to reduce acid in my stomach. I am confused.
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In response to: To 'B' or not to 'B': The story of Sarah Cheta

Loise [Visitor]
I heard about your book but have not read it. I just read the article on this website and found it to be interesting. I am Black and my bood type is B. I can adjust to different weather conditions. I live in the USA. I am 58 year old and recently retired but my comment is I am not a fan of wild game and not accessible to goat,and lamb is exspensive. I have been told all my life that we should eat whole wheat bread. I cut out white bread. I eat omeletes occassionally so I can't eat a few tomatoes in it.
I do have high blood pressure, high sugar levels recently diagnosed,arthiritis in neck and back and take meds for these diseases. But I do not want to be on meds all of my life.
I am also lactose intolerant. Dairy products regular and soy milk bother me
smelly gas mostly. My Doctor suggested the soy or goat milk. I have not found goat milk yet.
I will look for the book and see if this work for me. I walk 2miles everyday except Sundays.
Also with Diabetes they say eat more beans because it stablizes blood sugar.
everyone do seem to agree on eating more green vegetables.

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In response to: Sick baby to healthy toddler:
The story of Jared Abramson.

Sierra [Visitor]
I started the diet at age 21 and have had the most amazing results I could have imagined. Being 21 I figured that i would be a the prime of my life but I was always tired and cranky and completely disatisfided with my body. Im 5'6" and very lean/athletic but while my arms and legs looked great I had crazy swelling and bloating with constant irregular bowel movements so I knew something was wrong. I tried probiotics of all kinds. Tried diets, workout routines centered around abdomen slimming, thermogenics, everything I knew to be "affective". Then my grandmother had the book and I started my lifestyle change right away! Not even a full week into it I lost 2 inches in my waist from bloating and now a month into have become pesco-ovo-lacto-vegetarian (lacto for yogert and sour cream)and love every second of it. I am alive in the mornings and ready to sleep at night feeling well and balanced. I have now hooked one of my best friends who is a model. She eats super "healthy" but couldn't lose any weight and is going to have a positive outcome like myself along with my boyfriend who was a college athlete and now feels heathlier and getting more out of his workout then ever before. Thanks and BTD is great!!!
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In response to: Sick baby to healthy toddler:
The story of Jared Abramson.

Darla [Visitor]
I have had a problem with my system for years. And not sure what the problem was. I remembered this book Eat Right For Your Blood Type. I got the book and started comparing and the foods I needed to get off of was the same foods the book said. I have done the diet for 5 days and I already see a difference in my system. I will continue this diet to see what more changes will come. I am a walker and love it. Have more energy now. Thanks
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In response to: Sick baby to healthy toddler:
The story of Jared Abramson.

Shelley [Visitor]
I am interested in learning more about this diet as well. Just turned 33 and it's like my digestive system has stopped all together. I don't think meat is good for me. Going to try the fruit, veggie and nut diet to see how my body reacts.
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In response to: Beating MS with the BTD: The story of Debbie Cardone

Sharon [Visitor]
I am 50 years old, type O and have been on the BTD for almost a year now. A friend at work introduced me to it and I am so glad she did. It has changed my life. I was gaining weight even though I exercised regularly, plus I felt tired and lethargic. Once I eliminated bread and dairy, I started feeling so much better and the weight literally dropped off. My friends can't believe how much weight I've lost. I really haven't changed the way I exercise, I just eat high protein and lots of fruits/veggies on my beneficial list. Thanks Dr. D for writing the book on Eating right for your Type.
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In response to: To 'B' or not to 'B': The story of Sarah Cheta

Ben Semommung [Visitor] ·
I bought the book "Eat Right for Your Type" in 2010 and read it in half a day because I was curious about the correlation between blood types and diet. It's true that "One man's food can be another man's poison", as the old adage says. I am a Type B and only started implementing my Diet plan in May 2011. I have been taking fluidizer membrane (lecithin granules, flaxseed oil and juice) in the morning. I have quit eating chicken completely and started using Gingko biloba and Siberian Ginseng as some of my supplements. I am extremely thrilled by the results I have seen so far; I used to have headaches in the morning, skin rushes,numbness of the arms, loss of memory etc. All these problems have dissappeared. I have decided to go all out and preach the gospel to all...Many thanks to Dr Dadamo and his father for being a blessing to the world.
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In response to: To 'B' or not to 'B': The story of Sarah Cheta

monica [Visitor]
my two cents. I'm "B", but this stuff doesn't make perfect sense to me. it's cool, because about two third of of the description seems to apply to me but the other third or so doesn't seem to.

I suppose it could be that some of those genes that usually happen to carry over with the ABO blood type gene, don't always do that? i.e. a few may get "cut off" and not carried over?

I also wonder if it's because my phenotype is B but genotype could contain an "O" too (my father was O).

or maybe it's only because I don't like chicken and tomato anyway so that could be why I didn't really ever run into issues. I do like my cheese for sure and would not live without it :) otoh, I do eat a lot of wheat in the form of pasta (not much bread as I stopped liking it a while ago), but I don't seem to have an issue with it. I used to have a little problem with weight a few years ago but that resolved later.

the part about stress was good! the visualization stuff makes no sense to me, but I like meditation. as for physical exercise I hate some of the kinds that it recommends for me. I love intense aerobic exercise!

half of the personality stuff works out, other half doesn't. I had to laugh at the suggestion of going to bed before 11PM. that would not work for me even when I was a five year old kid :) it is true I need my circadian rythm stable to feel good, but it's just not this 11PM.

anyway, still a nice read, nice chance to get thinking about what I am like and what could work for me!
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In response to: Beating MS with the BTD: The story of Debbie Cardone

Helena Giraldo [Visitor]
Hi Debbie,

I am 32 and have been having multiple problems, from multiple pains and aches
In my body to my knees and shoulder; I am also must of the time very tired and with not energy at all. I just got some of the books for eat right for your blood type so I am very exited to star.
Do you know any kind of a grocery list for blood type O; I will appreciate any help that I can get in regards to this.

Helena Giraldo.
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In response to: Beating MS with the BTD: The story of Debbie Cardone

O in Virginia [Visitor]
What an inspiring, moving story. Thank you so much for sharing this. I immediately began to feel much better following my O BTD and later swami. I did not have bad health before, just starting to have some issues that were inexplicable, and that have now cleared up eating the way I should. But to see someone with MS or another condition be able to REVERSE the condition with BTD is truly awesome and wonderful.
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In response to: Carol Whitham: Mastering weight loss after 30 years.

Nike Shox Clearance [Visitor] ·
A smile is the light in your window that tells others that there is a caring, sharing person inside.
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In response to: To 'B' or not to 'B': The story of Sarah Cheta

Debbie Gatlin [Visitor]
I have Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis, my blood type is B and I need to lose 10 pounds by 1 June 11. Please tell me what to eat in order to do this.
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In response to: To 'B' or not to 'B': The story of Sarah Cheta

Betsy [Visitor]
We have been doing the BTD at our house for 3 or 4 years now, and are totally gluten- and casein-free. It is interesting that all of my life (I am a B with O husband and child) I suffered from depression. I have definitely traced it to dairy products!!! Even though i am a B, I cannot eat dairy without getting depressed; three times, widely spaced, I went out to eat with my spouse and did a dairy trial. Each time, I found myself weeping in the recliner the next day - though, until the third time (when I finally "got it") I thought dairy was no problem for me, because of blood type. THERE ARE REASONS for this!!! One is that the genetic makeup of the American dairy cow is different (read Devil In The Milk). Another problem is ultra pasteurization. If you are still not feeling great, try giving up all dairy and anything with casein. Your brain and colon will both thank you. Check it out!
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In response to: Sick baby to healthy toddler:
The story of Jared Abramson.

Donna [Visitor]
I checked out your book, "Eat Right for Your Type", from our local library after a suggestion from a close friend. My husband and I had our food allergies tested a few years ago and I was amazed that the list of foods to avoid for my type A blood dealt with a lot of the foods I tested allergic to! There really is something to this!
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In response to: Beating MS with the BTD: The story of Debbie Cardone

John [Visitor] ·
Debbie, thank you for sharing your story and ( I forget who's comment it was ) I was brought to tears feeling I have hope.
since i had a stent placed in a artery in Nov. 2010 and on Plavix 75mg for at least 1 year, I've not felt well at all. I have few good days, but, most are of some type pain and ( I'm diagnosed with ) peripheral neuropathy. I was healthy just 5 or 6 years ago and I know much of my 'pain' is stress related. Being a Type O+
and having a stomach disorders as well as Tourettes Syndrome ( since age 10 ), at least I now have hope, guidance and support for these challenges, that I never had with traditional western medicine. thank you and I look forward to getting to know everyone and share what is/isn't working for me. A quick note: After 2 weeks of NO breads ( except about 4 slices of pizza - probably my biggest temptation & downfall in my diet ), I've lost about 4 pounds and am being told I look good, even though I don't often feel that good. Have a great week All!
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