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In response to: Emerging role for probiotics in obesity

Jennifer [Visitor]
From several related articles I get that gut flora can be influenced to promote obesity, etc. But what I really want to know is what to do about it. Dr D'Adamo is more likely to cut to the chase than conventional MDs. I already take Type O probiotics. How successful is probiotic therapy for reversing this trend? Is it possible to simply introduce "friendlies" and the bad guys just eventually disappear? I'm not losing any weight and I barely eat three nutrient-dense, Type O meals a day or I gain weight. I began gaining weight, coincidentally, from a low of 145lbs, after suffering from a mystery severe sore throat condition for three months, that was not strep but required several cycles of various antibiotics to cure. Over 13 years, I have gained nearly 100 lbs and eat exponentially better than anyone I know. ???????
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In response to: Sissies.

Kevin [Visitor]
I find this article concerning Dr.Mercola a little amusing and at the same time confusing.As a person who wants to improve his general overall health I have read Dr.mercola's writings and watched his videos. In an older video he's preaching the merits of fibre and whole grains. He even labels himself Dr.Fibre, LOL go figure!!! because now he preaches to avoid grains at all costs. same preacher, entirely different sermon! Why can't he remove his old dated videos off of youtube if things have changed?
I'm confused to hear he is blood type A which is primarily how a vegetarian is described. On his website regarding metobolic typing he claims he is a protien, meat eating type which hardly explains what an A is.Hey a lot of us are just average everyday people seeking ot nutrion experts as to improve our lives.When so called nutrion experts are all over the road map with each new wind that blows in, it make it really frustrating to wonder who is giving the right advice. Cheers!
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In response to: The High Life

RhodaMaria [Visitor] ·

Awesome the way you explain complex matters! You are a Master in Methaphors!
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In response to: Renaissance People

Dianne [Visitor]
I enjoyed this article very much. The wonderment of life and its endless possibilities is what keeps me going despite the pitfalls. I enjoy learning and appreciate that I am in a position to do so. I have had some profound moments spending time with infants and toddlers who especially live in the moment.
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In response to: Interview with Dr. Mehmet Oz on The GenoType Diet

Pegyreads [Visitor]
Great podcast. I have used the SWAMI Xpress software without really understanding it. Thanks to this podcast, I understand it a lot better. I intend to re-double my efforts especially with eating the right thing instead of focus on avoidance.
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In response to: Fat Tony Science

PJ Eby [Visitor] ·
For the original version of this "Fat Tony" anecdote, see page 124 of "The Black Swan: The Impact of the Highly Improbable", by Nassim Nicholas Taleb.

(More precisely, it's a thought experiment posed by Taleb, of bringing together two real people -- christened "Fat Tony" and "Dr. John" to discuss the odds of flipping a coin.)

Yes! Thank you for sharing this info. I had forgotten exactly where I had read of this anecdote. Great book.
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In response to: You can get there from here

Lola [Visitor]
a gift to cherish no doubt!
thank you!
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In response to: Emerging role for probiotics in obesity

Mellisa Dalcour [Visitor] ·
I was just wondering what probiotics are actually helpful. Is acidophilus better than bifidus should we take all of them. How many probiotics are there?
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In response to: Intestinal Alkaline Phosphatase: Where blood type meets digestion.

Puzzled [Visitor]
No one seems to mention the diet for the blood type
AB positive. Or the IAP results in this blood group.

Also, blood types are negative or positive, would that also effect the type of diet we should be eating?

I would really appreciate information on AB positive diet & IAP.

Thank you
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In response to: Unsung Serologist

Zack [Visitor] ·
This guy seems like Freud's big brother! and Boyd rhymes with
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In response to: Intestinal Alkaline Phosphatase: Where blood type meets digestion.

dr prem raj pushpakaran [Visitor] ·
Enhanced intestinal absorption of Calcium by IAP is assisted by cholecalciferol through it receptor protein that binds to the promoter of IAP.
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In response to: Hows and Whys

Virginia Stutesman [Visitor]
I haven't been on the D'Adamo site for some time, and I'm ashamed! I would like to come back and perhaps try a blog of my experiences w/my rare genetic disorder, Periodic paralysis, if anyone is interested. I do know that I do better when following the Genotype diet the best I can on my meager income.
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In response to: Genoma Skin

Richard [Visitor]
Where do I buy your skin care range in South Africa / Johannesburg
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In response to: Renaissance People

vinnie mirchandani [Visitor]
Very nice.

I am author of a new book titled The New Polymath. It is full of examples of "compund innovation" - 3,5, 10 strands of infotech, healthtech, nanotech etc and about how enterprises are learning many of those technologies, polymath style. The focus of my book is polymath teams and enterprises, not individuals but on my book tour I am getting many questions "how do I personally become a polymath?" and I give them some of your answers - aim high, be curious, relish complexity, but deliver simplicity, the polymaths of old were also philosophers so don't forget ethics in tech addition I feed the need to tell them - don't beat yourself up if are a specialist and cannot diversify much. Even in the European Renaissance which had many polymaths, they were less than 5% of the population. Learn to become part of polymath teams - each a specialist in something different...don;t just hang around your exact types or in the same location all the time.
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In response to: Clean, Green, & Lean

Cindy Alesch [Visitor]
Thank you for pointing out a sound book on cleansing. I am interested but was confused about best approach. Your input has helped alot!
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In response to: Expert Knob Twiddling.

Mehmet Onur Sumbul [Visitor]
They are all fools that talk against BTD and say it isn't built upon true science.

People will feel their veins opening with good application of this diet. As a O nonsecretor I did 4 times and I'm only 22.

Hope to see them shut up, learn and try to distribute the science.
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In response to: Interview with Dr. Mehmet Oz on The GenoType Diet

I am wondering if anyone has information on extending natural fertility options for a forty year old - first baby ? Thanks
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In response to: Why Johnny Can't Fucosylate

Bekki Shining Bearheart [Visitor]

Would like more of this kind of thing.

Question: is is possible that bi-polar issues are in this same ball-park?

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In response to: The Garden of Eden and Great Flood

Derick Jones [Visitor] ·
Wow! I always learn something new on this blog. Will read up more on the 'Black Sea Deluge Theory.' This is pretty fascinating. Thanks for a wonderful read.
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In response to: Andrew Weil on the Blood Types: Not Even Wrong (redux)

Derick Jones [Visitor] ·
My wife has been following the diet for a while now and she can vouch for you. I too have never seen her fitter and as energetic as she is now. It is amazing. Thank you for all your hard work! Let the skeptics remain skeptics. They don't know what they are missing out on. Great to learn about your blog.God bless you.
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