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Comment from: lloyd [Member] Email
I have been using non-woody greens stems whenever there is adequate cook time to soften them, ususally an hour or more. Once they start getting woody on the outside it is still possible to peel the stem and enjoy the inner portion. For collards that is a nice crunchy, juicy snack raw on the larger stems!
07/02/12 @ 19:13
Comment from: Ruth [Member] Email
To update:

The straight kale made better chips than the curly kale, but the farmer's market was out of the straight kale today, so I bought more curly kale instead. I still have lettuce left from last week, so I didn't buy any more. Next week, we'll be busy on Sunday so I plan to try out a new market on Friday.
07/08/12 @ 18:48

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