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Comment from: Lillie Smith [Visitor]
I would think that the easiest part would be reducing salt as you could use unsalted nuts and seeds. I don't know off hand what you would add to the trail mix to cut down on the nuts. Being an A I would be using dried fruit. And you may be already using the type good for you.
11/11/12 @ 11:25
Comment from: Ruth [Visitor]
How about using unsalted nuts in your trail mix?

To eat less trail mix and still feel full, prepare some veggies as "finger food" as well. Carrot and celery sticks pack easily, and other veggies probably work for that as well.

You can also start the day with a green smoothie (lots of greens in the blender, maybe with a little fruit too) and for dinner have smaller amounts of protein and huge amounts of vegetables, since you get plenty of protein during the workday. Getting in enough veggies before and after you're "too busy to sit down and eat" will help balance things out.

Good luck!
11/12/12 @ 08:37
Comment from: deblynn [Visitor]
What about your fish? Canned sardines work well, ok, they stick. Chicken of the Sea's Pink Salmon comes in neat little packets, Don't need to be drained, and doesn't stick so much. Use celery to spoon it out of the pack. upping your green's. lettuce, dandelion greens and etc. have a lot of moister. I simply put my salad in a ziplock bag, with a plastic fork. Trash after eating

I had a stone many years ago, glad your's was somewhat pain free.
11/12/12 @ 09:57

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