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Comment from: Peppermint T. [Visitor]
"With ruthless logic Ford concluded that the kingpins on the Model T were too good for their job and ordered that in future they should be made to an inferior specification." That is called "planned obsolescence". Too bad some of the Big Three American automakers didn't focus a little less time, energy and design on planned obsolescence and a little more on planning for a sustainable, green future for themselves, considering that the writing has been on the wall since approximately the 1970's. But then again, when you are "too big to fail" in a faux capitalist society, why worry? Instead of allowing a healthy forest fire to destroy the deadwood and create rich, fertile soil for new growth, the faux capitalist society we are in simply uses taxpayer dollars to bail out poorly run, unsustainable businesses that would never have survived in a TRUE "survival of the fittest" model.
07/30/09 @ 08:50
Comment from: Peppermint T. [Visitor]
P.S. Oh yeah, and that same faux capitalist society that we are in? It also won't provide a sane, simple single-payer, taxpayer-funded, UNIVERSAL healthcare system like every other civilized country on this planet because, gasp, that would be "socialism". Using tax money to provide healthcare for all (and thus save the country from economic ruin at the same time, nevermind that it is the decent, sane thing to do) would be "socialism", yet it is okay to bail out unethical, poorly run banks, automakers and other corporate giants with taxpayer money. I don't call that capitalism. I call that insane, unhealthy and unsustainable.
07/30/09 @ 08:56

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