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Comment from: Mrs T [Visitor]
Both of you are wonderful people - more like cool people(that's friendlier!).
Thanks for all this work & input to help us. We appreciate it & I am glad I am alive long enough to be introduced to the BTD/GTD paradigm.
I hope to receive the optimum results. We will see as time goes on & how much more there is to learn & teach the public.
Mrs "T"
07/05/08 @ 13:43
Comment from: yael [Visitor]
I'd like to second Mrs "T". Even before reading her comment I told myself, thank you God for giving us life and making us reach the present time. This time it is for the info I've just learnt about the way DNA is wrapped, the histones and acetylation, free and made simple and easy for all to read and understand.
07/07/08 @ 09:27
Comment from: YANN [Visitor]
Wouldn't any diet be inefficient to people with chromosomal abnormalities such as le cri du chat (monosomy 5) or William's syndrome (monosomy 7)?
07/11/08 @ 14:28
Comment from: RhodaMaria [Visitor] · http://www.genotypedieet.eu

Awesome the way you explain complex matters! You are a Master in Methaphors!
01/13/12 @ 16:33

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