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Comment from: Lola [Visitor]
am not an A but a LDN O, a weirdo, you know!!!

cigarette smoke and smokers in general are not 'my favorite things' either.

sending your blog off to my mom in hopes she 'gets it'!!! LOL

06/09/11 @ 17:13
Comment from: Gwyneth Hueter [Visitor]
I bet you're an Explorer genotype like me, even though I'm an O. You sound like a supertaster, like me. I'm sure that's what makes you sensitive to nasty niffs. -and I don't like lots of noise either.
06/10/11 @ 07:06
Comment from: Roxine [Visitor] Email
Wow, you are like me. I'm A and my husband is O. Just found your blog. Very great. I used to warm up my clothes in my bed too. I grew up in Michigan. We're in southwestern Idaho! It is now summer and I LOVE it! Please keep writing. Thanks.
06/10/11 @ 09:31
Comment from: Paul C. [Visitor]
Gwyneth, Explorers are likely to have some sensitivity - but not such a consistent reaction to crowds and the solution to the stress is much different.

Most people would class me as an introvert - I avoid crowds if I have an opportunity to do so. If you knew that I am type O and met me, you would identify me as Explorer by sight. My reaction to crowds depends on the emotion of the crowd. At a religious revival meeting, I remember feeling as if I were drowning in the ambient emotion! The emotion of the crowd was invading me and I resisted the intrusion.

The sounds and scents issue is a little different. Perfume of almost any kind is irritating, and repetitive sounds deprive me of sleep. The best way for me to get rid of the stress is by working myself to the point of exhaustion and falling asleep. "Quite time" just prolongs the stress.

When a type A person and an Explorer go for a walk to relieve stress they will get that relief from different aspects of the experience. My wife is a secreting A Explorer – she relieves stress by cleaning until she drops.
06/10/11 @ 09:53
Comment from: Alessandra [Visitor] Email
Dear Andrea,
I find this is true for me, completely but I am not sure about my kids, both blood type A, but with a father who is blood type O. One of the kids looks more like his father in the food habits, while the other more like type A, like me. On the other side, regarding stressors in life, it seems to be the opposite for them: the on who has the food habits like me tolerates stressors well, like his father, while the other child ges mad, like me. Did anybody else tell this? Is it possible that it depends on how heavy is the influence of each genetic information from each parents, instead of the manifesting blood type? I think we are unique individuals and, even though I find Dr. D'Adamo's diet is great and is the closest diet to truth that I found, still it does not seem to be 100% accurate in all the cases. Is that possible? If not, what are these differences due to?
Thanks for your attention.
I would be amazed if you could clarify my doubts,
06/10/11 @ 10:06
Comment from: LisaC [Visitor] · http://www.lifeongreenlane
Hi Andrea,
I may be an "O" but everything you said fits me to a "T". So much so that when I first came upon the BTD and read this information, I had my blood type double checked, sure I must be an "A." You probably noticed I was a bit overwhelmed at the conference. You, on the other hand seemed to be conducting yourself beautifully! I am starting to wonder if cortiguard might be in order since I have these "A" tendencies. Been taking catechol for a few years. Thanks for sharing!
06/10/11 @ 14:14
Comment from: Anonymous [Visitor]
I guarantee I could find you people with every blood type that get stressed out by all of these things. This is the same formula used to write horoscopes. Make it so general it could apply to anyone. Can you provide any scientific evidence to back up these claims?
06/10/11 @ 16:51
Comment from: Marguerite Girton [Visitor]
I can totally relate, everything except the scary movies, I love good drama, sci-fi in particular-cannot wait for Super 8! :) (type A,enjoying this way of life for 12+years)
06/10/11 @ 18:04
Comment from: Paul C. [Visitor]
Dear Anonymous,
It will be difficult to show medical evidence of the ABO differentiation of the stressors, but the ABO difference of the stress response and recovery is well known.

Epinephrine and cortisol are stress hormones, and the relationship between ABO blood type and both of these has been documented in a number or peer-review studies.

epinephrine function and ABO

cortisol and ABO

These demonstrate the medical differences in stress response and recovery - without recourse to astrology.

If I, with no medical training, can find these in a matter of minutes, how much more documentation could a professional produce?
06/11/11 @ 15:43
Comment from: Cajun [Visitor]
You just described me, an A and my husband, an O!
The only difference is I cannot watch violent, loud, scary shows.
When I read "All about A's" in my first literature from NAP, I couldn't believe they had me all summed up. Then I read about O's and knew they were writing about my husband and son, also an O.
Skeptics are those who just choose not to see what is scientifically in front of them!
06/12/11 @ 22:59
Comment from: Cocky van Hesteen [Visitor] ·
Hi Andrea!
So true you experience as a type A, as I am as well.
Only I cannot relate to the cold weather bothering me. The cold winters in Holland (not many..) never bother me! I like the cold.
But I do not like to high temperatures.
I am an A alright. Noise on TV, crowds, make my heart pound, so recognizable..
06/15/11 @ 12:00
Comment from: RogerS [Visitor] Email ·
Very interesting conversation. I'm an A- blood type very rare for my race. 1%-2% of african americans are A-. I've just found this blog and found that Andrea pretty much described me to a T. Loud noises , any kind of strong smell(doesn't have to be a bad smell) , and crowds are all fairly intense stressors for me. The few concerts I've gone to in my life have been a horrible ordeal for me. I'm not phobic about any other these things but as a rule I like it calm, cool , and collected. Not loud , smelly and tight.
06/26/11 @ 02:11

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